The 5 Best Essential Oils for Elevating Your Yoga Practice
The 5 Best Essential Oils for Elevating Your Yoga Practice
Regular yoga practice can reliably boost your physical and mental health. But could you be getting more out of your yoga routine? The answer is yes! Incorporating essential oils like peppermint oil can elevate your yoga practice. When you’re ready to advance your yoga practice, check out this list of calming, inspiring essential oils.

You understand the value of actively managing your well-being, and your yoga practice is a significant part of your approach. With regular yoga practice, you can reliably boost your physical and mental health. But could you be getting more out of your yoga routine? The answer is yes! By incorporating essential oils, you can enhance your yoga practice to elevate your experience more fully. You might use essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally. You could even be brand new to the world of essential oils. When you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, start with this list of five pure, clean essential oils.


Your breath is the key element of your successful yoga practice. Focusing on your breathing is how you find your center, which is the source of your mindfulness, balance, and more. Peppermint oil contributes to your practice by promoting feelings of clear breathing. The cooling vapors can be both soothing and refreshing. For your yoga practice, consider diffusing peppermint oil throughout the room, or combine it 1:1 with lemon oil in water for an excellent mouth rinse.


Yoga isn’t exclusively about a lively, physical flow. To experience the comprehensive, dynamic powers of conscious yoga practice, it’s important to slow yourself down and work on being present. Frankincense oil is made up of Boswellia tree resin, which ancient peoples used for contemplative meditation and religious ceremonies for centuries, augmenting the meditative portions of practices like yoga.

Ylang Ylang

Derived from the flowers of the tropical ylang ylang tree, this essential oil is ideal for creating a positive, calming aroma. It’s just what you’d want to use to enhance your yoga environment. Like frankincense, ylang ylang essential oil has long been used in religious ceremonies, including weddings. Today, manufacturers use ylang ylang in high-end skincare and hair products. If you’re seeking extra support, consider taking ylang ylang internally. For your yoga practice, you can diffuse ylang ylang or apply it topically. For relaxation at the end of the day, you can add ylang ylang oil to an Epsom salt bath.


If you practice yoga with loved ones or friends, they’re sure to welcome your inclusion of rosemary into the group practice. The scent of rosemary oil is often invigorating, so it’s a great way to establish a motivational, inspiring atmosphere. In fact, your yoga tribe may even be inspired to practice outdoors. That way, you can all enjoy the many powers of a soothing breeze and warm sunshine. If you practice outdoors, make sure you have a mineral sunscreen spray on hand. It’s essential for natural, broad-spectrum protection and nourishing of your skin.


If you’re just learning about essential oils and their many uses, you should know that lavender oil is typically considered a must-have. It’s incredibly versatile. For yoga, lavender is fantastic for promoting a peaceful environment. Some people seeking relaxation use lavender internally. Lavender oil is excellent for those seeking to create a more centered environment.

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