How to Use Essential Oils Topically
How to Use Essential Oils Topically
When diffused, essential oils are excellent for creating uplifting aromas and calming atmospheres in your home. But did you know that you can use many of your essential oils topically as well? Here is a guide for applying essential oils topically and the potential uses you can get from each method.

There are many ways you can enjoy your essential oils collection and get the best of nature’s powers. Many people diffuse their oils to create uplifting or relaxing aromas and environments throughout their homes. But you can also use your essential oils topically for localized benefits and to promote healthy-looking skin. If you’re interested in exploring how to use your essential oils topically, you’ll want to keep this guide in mind.

Common Places to Apply Your Oils

You can use your oils on targeted areas of your body to help muscle discomfort. Here are some common places to apply your essential oils and how each could aid you in your self-care journey. Just remember to research the oil of your choice to ensure it is safe for topical use and if you need to dilute it with a carrier oil.

Neck and Temples

The temples are key pressure points on the body, and your neck can hold a lot of tension when you’re stressed. You can add lavender essential oil and peppermint oil to a soothing massage on your temples and neck area to help yourself enjoy the calming aromas.


Use eucalyptus essential oil, lavender oil, cypress oil, and other blends to enjoy their aromas. Eucalyptus, in particular, can help promote feelings of clear breathing.


Whether you want to soothe tired hands and wrists from a long day at the keyboard or want an aromatic boost to get you through the day, try applying your oils to your wrists. The best essential oil companies have proprietary blends that can provide soothing sensations. Or you can put a couple of drops of frankincense or tea tree oil on your hands to re-center your atmosphere mid-day.

The Bottoms of Your Feet

Your feet are an excellent absorption point. You can rub lavender or bergamot essential oil on the bottoms of your feet to help encourage a relaxing environment.

Other Ways You Can Use Your Oils Topically

One of the most incredible things about essential oils is that you are not confined to using them in just one way. If you want the power of using your oils topically, you can get creative with how you deliver the oils to your skin.

In Your Bath

Running yourself a steamy bath after a long day is such a great way to help yourself relax. You can add a couple of drops of your favorite lavender essential oil to the hot water to get both aromatic and topical results.

Add Them to Your Moisturizer

Give your plain moisturizer the aromatic enhancement you love and get the topical benefits of your favorite oils. Peppermint essential oil and lemongrass oil are excellent to use after a workout and blend seamlessly into your moisturizer.

Make an Infused Cold Compress

It’s as simple as wetting a rag with some cold water and then adding some drops of essential oil to make a cold compress that can keep you cool on the hottest days of the year.

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