Best Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur
Best Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur
Top hip replacement specialist Dr. Anoop Jhurani offers the best hip replacement in Jaipur, India. Call now at +91 9829019985

Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur

What are the signs that you will need a hip replacement?


As the director of the robotic and computer-navigated knee & hip replacements at Fortis Escort Hospital, Dr. Anoop Jhurani is a well-known orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur, India. With over 15 years of extensive experience in this field, he is one of the best hip replacement doctors in Jaipur, India.


Total hip arthroplasty: A total hip arthroplasty is a major surgical procedure that involves replacing the head of your femur (upper leg bone) with an artificial device, usually metal and plastic. The prosthesis (prosthetic knee) is attached to the upper femur using surgical screws and anchors. The metal and plastic components replicate the natural functions of bones such as the hip joint, which allow you to move more easily while reducing pain and improving function.


Partial hip arthroplasty: Partial hip arthroplasty involves replacing only part of your femur. It includes procedures such as an osteotomy (fracture repair), condylar strut replacement, and resurfacing. These procedures restore motion but may not restore the full range of motion or strength in all parts of your hip joint.

It might be challenging to determine when and if you should discuss your hip pain with a doctor. How can you tell if the discomfort in your hip requires surgery? more challenging. Check out these suggestions to learn what kind of care your hip discomfort might need.


When you walk, you feel pain.

The downstep of the leg will typically cause this pain, which can radiate from your groin to the outside of your hip. Walking, jogging, or running will make the discomfort more obvious.


Your hip joint's range of motion is restricted.

A hip injury or condition can reduce your range of motion, making the bending of your hip unpleasant or difficult because of the rigidity of the joint. This encompasses challenges with bending over, donning clothing, actively sitting or standing up, and ascending stairs.


You’re experiencing limpness in one leg.

One of the most serious signs of a hip injury or illness is limping. Besides being a sign of hip problems, excessive or ongoing limping can cause other problems, such as frequent falls, instability, or numbness in the hands or legs.


You have hip swelling or discomfort.

The same as a lump or a bruise, hip swelling is a sign of interior harm. Increased friction in the joint, fluid buildup from bursitis or another mass, or other inflammation brought on by arthritis are a few examples, according to Dr. Anoop Jhurani.


Your hip joint is giving you a feeling of instability.

Hip instability makes it challenging to carry out regular activities like standing, walking, or exercising, whether it results from a catastrophic event or years of wear and tear. Even while instability is often painless, it is a serious sign of a problem with the joint.