4 Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils When the Kids Are in School
4 Ways to Enjoy Essential Oils When the Kids Are in School
Does the end of summer feel like a mad dash to get kids ready for school? It can be hard to find time for yourself even after school starts. But you can easily incorporate essential oils into those moments of respite while the kids are at school. Fill your surroundings with your favorite essential oils to help you enjoy invigorating aromas or create a relaxing environment during your alone time.

The end of summer can feel like a mad dash to get the kids ready for school. Once the academic year starts, it never really stops feeling like a mad dash. That’s why you must take advantage of the moments you have to yourself while the kids are in school. One of the most gratifying ways to do it is with essential oils. Fill your surroundings with your favorite essential oils to help you enjoy invigorating aromas or create a relaxing environment during your alone time.

Give Your Workout Space a Spritz of an Essential Oil Spray

Some parents set aside time for a workout in a kid-free space. If you’re in your home, it’s the perfect time to enhance that solo time with essential oils. Different scents will work well in a fitness-based environment. You could add a few drops of an uplifting citrus aroma to a spray bottle to spritz around the room or diffuse an essential oil blend with invigorating scents, like peppermint, clementine, and coriander.

Dilute Lemongrass Essential Oil for a Post-Workout Massage

Use essential oils with a carrier oil for a massage. Different aromas work for this, but you could start with a refreshing scent. Add equal parts lemongrass essential oil to a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and massage the mixture onto your calves and thighs after your workout. If you only have time for a massage at night, try this same technique with the calming aroma of lavender oil.

Make a Refreshing Beverage with Peppermint Essential Oil

Sometimes, you have to make time to use your essential oils, but there is at least one technique that takes 30 seconds or less. Add a few drops of an ingestible essential oil like peppermint oil to your water bottle to give it an extra bit of flavor. For an even more personalized beverage, you can mix in other essential oils like lavender, lemon, or grapefruit.

Diffuse Essential Oil Blends in the Home Before the Kids Get Home

If you’re home before the kids on a school day or while they’re out of the house on the weekend, diffuse essential oils in your home. This strategy helps create whatever atmosphere you want in your home. If you need help deciding what kind of essential oils to diffuse, you could look at high-quality essential oil blends that offer a variety of scents that meld and blend to provide you and your family with a one-of-a-kind experience.

When the kids are away, it’s a parent’s time to enjoy peace and quiet with essential oils. The aromas of essential oils allow you to revel in a bit of time to yourself. The scent of your favorite oils and oil blends might help you feel relaxed and recharged in the moment. You could even try to get the kids interested in essential oils, too. You never know how much they enjoy them until those great-smelling essential oils are nearby.

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