Get Quick Tankless Water Heater Installation Services
Get Quick Tankless Water Heater Installation Services
Get Quick Tankless Water Heater Installation Services

Tankless water heater installation

Tankless water heaters are not as simple to install as tank models, as they require upgraded gas lines, new venting, and a new electrical outlet. Tankless water heater installation costs $300-$2,500 just for the labor, depending on size, type, complexity, upgrades, and whether the unit is gas or electric.

If you have a medium-sized house, an entire-home unit will likely supply plenty of heated water for all your appliances. There are all kinds of factors that will affect your install price, so the only way to know your exact tankless install price is to get a licensed plumber to come out to your house and evaluate your current system and your hot water needs. The total cost to own your water heater will depend on several factors, such as how many people use your heater, your utility costs, and any remodelling you do to the house.

Tankless water heaters exist in two variations: gas and electric. If your tankless water heater shows symptoms such as dramatically low water temperature, or failure to heat water, give Lifetime Plumbing a call. Lifetime Plumbing is a licensed, qualified and professional team of plumbers that will install a tankless water heater for you at a reasonable price. You can request us to call back and discuss your needs with our experts.


Water Leak Detection

Regardless of the reason, a water leak detection system can help protect your home and prevent water damage. For full-home protection, look for a water leak detection system that monitors the entirety of the water distribution system. If you want your water sensor to do more than just tell you that you have a leak, look for one that works with other smart devices. When choosing the best water leak detector, you will need to first decide whether you want a device that simply lets you know that you have a leak, or one that can detect the leak and then automatically cut the water off to your house.

Whether you need fast repairs, new systems installed, or regular maintenance of your water leak detection main, the experts at Lifetime Plumbing are here to help you find the right solutions for your specific home. At Lifetime Plumbing, we are proud to offer honest, reliable services with fair, affordable rates. We offer array of skill plumbing services for residential and commercial properties at competitive prices.

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