Project Report for Bank Loans
Project Report for Bank Loans
Project report plays an vital role in evaluating business loan proposal & this type of document prepared by industries expert. Apply online on website.

Project Report for Bank Loan

Project Report for Bank Loan

For availing a business loan from the bank for a new business start-up or expanding existing one, as a borrower you must submit the project report for your business. Along with that, all the mandatory requirements and official documents have to be submitted with the project report.

The project report for bank loan should be such that it should represent the idea of the whole business and can be easily understood by the reader. Further, discussed are the components of project report required to be submitted in order to avail business loan.

Elements of Project Report for Bank Loan

Let’s have a look at the standard format for the project report for bank loans:

Introductory Page: On this page, you have to give an introduction of your business.

Summary of the Project: As the name suggests, summary of the project report should include overall status of the business.

Scope of Project: Under this section, you should contain the percentage of work that you planned and the percentage of work that has been already completed.

Details of Promoters: Describe the details of promoters and their educational qualifications and work experience.

Details of Employees: Apart from promoters details, you also required to details about the employees working in this business also their educational qualifications and working experience in the top management.

  • Infrastructure Facilities
  • Regional Operations
  • Fiscal Acquisitions and Tie-ups
  • Means of Financing
  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Break-Even Points Evaluations