Personal Loan From NBFC
Personal Loan From NBFC
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Personal Loan From NBFC

Many Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India offer personal loan from nbfc to those who are in need of urgent cash for their personal expenses. It provides Offers overdraft facility and No penalty charged on part-prepayment. The documentation required is minimal and they approve the Loans instantly. There are many types of NBFC that provide personal loans to borrowers.  

  1. Investment companies
  2. Loan companies
  3. Asset Finance companies
  4. Core Investment companies
  5. Infrastructure Finance companies
  6. Micro Finance companies
  7. Mortgage Guarantee companies
  8. Housing Finance companies

Personal loans availed from NBFCs would have a similar impact on the credit score of the applicants as personal loans availed from banks. When an applicant applies for a loan, the NBFC would fetch his credit report from the credit bureaus. Lender-initiated credit report requests used for evaluating loan applications are considered hard inquiries. The credit bureaus in turn would slightly reduce the credit score for each hard inquiry. Hence, if an applicant applies for a personal loan with multiple NBFCs or banks within a short span, his credit score may register a deeper reduction.

Instead, personal loan applicants should visit online lending marketplaces to compare personal loan offered by multiple lenders and apply accordingly. While lending marketplaces would also fetch the credit report of the loan applicant, such inquiries are known as soft inquiries and do not affect the credit score of the applicant. Here are some NBFCs that are given with their interest rate and loan amount.


Interest Rate (p.a.)

Loan Amount

Tata Capital                        10.99% onwards                   Up to Rs.25 lakh

Mahindra Finance              as per Lender                       Up to Rs.3 lakh

IIFL Finance                        24% p.a. onwards                Up to Rs.2 lakh

HDB Financial Services         Upto 36%                         Up to Rs.20 lakh

Aditya Birla Capital        14.00% p.a. to 26.00% p.a.      Up to Rs.15 lakh