Battle Ready Japanese Samurai Swords | Custom Swords of Lyuesword
Authentic forged & hand polished Chinese and Japanese swords collection offered by Lyuesword

Lyuesword Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is an online sales company specializing in the production of handmade swords. We have been offering high quality custom swords, Katana, Tachi, Wakizashi, Tanto, Movie swords and Chinese swords.

Lyuesword is located in Longquan, Zhejiang, China. This is a legendary place where many famous swords have been created. This is a beautiful, mythical city of sword making.

Lyuesword mainly makes Japanese swords, Chinese swords, using traditional hand-made methods. At present, we accept customization of these kinds of steel: 45 steel, 60 steel, folding steel, 9260 spring steel, 1095 high carbon steel, T10 high carbon steel, etc.

All of our handmade swords are of high quality and best suited for practice in all sword arts, completion cutting, and collecting. If you're interested in the Japanese and Chinese culture and swords, just visit our website and feel free to contact me.