Reasons to Wear Beach Dress Cover Up Kaftan Summerwear
Reasons to Wear Beach Dress Cover Up Kaftan Summerwear
A good Beach Cover Up solution needs to meet those needs when you are at the beachside.

There are many options available to women for holidaying on the beach when they think about how to cover -up on the beach and around the poolside. Whether it is important to you to feel sexy, confident, relaxed, happy, comfortable, or any combination of the above, a good Beach Cover Up solution needs to meet those needs when you are at the beachside.

Let's look at a few of the common options for beachwear dresses:

Skirts - Can be comfortable and easy to pull on, although some beach bars do require that you are more covered. Generally an easier option than shorts.

Sarongs - One of the most popular beach cover-ups. These are an oversized piece of coloured material that can be tied in any number of ways to make skirts, tops etc. These are great as beachwear dresses, look good and are comfortable. However, these can take time to put on and adjust.

Dresses - Beachwear dresses are more common now. They are mainly cotton or towelling and are comfortable and easy to wear. There are beach dresses available explicitly designed for over swimwear. These are great but not as versatile as other options. Ideally, a holiday wardrobe or beachside apparel can be used or worn in several ways so you can pack less and still feel and look great every day.

Saress - The Saress is a new product on the market, as versatile as a sarong but easier to wear taking seconds to put on. It has two loops so it can be put on easily in seconds, and can be worn as a top or a dress. The fabric is light, very flattering as it skims the body, whilst giving it shape and it is comfortable and quick drying. A 

Saress is perfect for over swimwear and is versatile enough to be worn as a dress for breakfast or lunch, or as a top in the evening for dinner.

Kaftans - Kaftans are like oversize shirts that are to be worn over swimwear. They can be worn with or without a skirt and are good comfortable cover. Whist some styles now have drawstring waists to give them more shape, often Beach dress cover-up kaftan summerwear are not as fitted as other options, this often means they are not as flattering.

Let's take a look at the top five reasons why women should wear Beach dress cover-up kaftan summerwear:


With its "one size fits all " design, kaftans are a natural choice for women across all age groups and body types.

Whether someone is fat or thin, kaftans suit everyone. Beach dress cover-up kaftan summerwear, are a great clothing option for plus size women.


Kaftan dresses are light and breezy; they make you feel relaxed. Be it home-based kitty parties, shopping at the lane or just about anything else, wearing kaftans make you feel comfortable and stylish. The material used like cotton or polyester in these loose-fitting dresses is soft on the skin.


With thousands of designs to choose from, kaftans are colorful and vibrant.

Many kaftans are featuring colorful beads, embroidered thread work and funky designer prints. Examples include animal prints, in which the kaftan is made to resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of leopard or zebra, abstract prints, bird patterns, etc.

The beauty of the multicolour print lies in its stunning throw of imagery and random images are strewn together to form a quaint art.


Kaftan dresses can be your perfect beach cover-ups. Easy and breezy, these Beach dress cover-up kaftan summerwear available online, accentuate your look. 

Whether its beach party or a holiday trip on beach, wear this kaftan dress anytime to look stunning on all occasions.

To match accessories with kaftans, you can wear chunky tribal necklaces, and match it up with a bohemian hairstyle, nice make-up and ethnic footwear.