How Do You Dress For A Retro Party?
How Do You Dress For A Retro Party?
The theme of the retro period refers to the fashion trend of the 1960s and 1970s. There were iconic trends that the women of that era followed staunchly.

If you planning to throw a party, choosing a theme is always a great idea. It makes the party much more dramatic and interesting. Having a dress code will also bring the confusion of the invitees by narrowing down their wardrobe choices.
As a host, you can choose a colour theme or a dramatic theme like a retro look. This is one of the most popular party themes that people choose for small get together, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.
The theme of the retro period refers to the fashion trend of the 1960s and 1970s. There were iconic trends that the women of that era followed staunchly. The leading ladies of the Hollywood defined the wardrobe trends for Indian women during those days are still looked after by the present-day Indian women.

Now let’s see in detail what kinds of looks you can try for your retro theme party. 

• Play With Plaids, Polka And Floral Prints

One of the commonly worn attire at a retro theme party is dotted dresses. This cute and elegant style is easy to a cop and is one of the most sought after. In this modern era, polka dots have gained huge popularity. Therefore you can easily choose an appropriate outfit for your special party.
Choose monochrome and also large-sized polka dots to get that edgy yet classy look. Check the floral prints which were commonly worn in the 60s and 70s. Get a checkered or a printed long skirt with a bold and bright floral printed blouse to get that vintage look which will surely turn heads in your next Retro theme party. And if you are the one hosting it, you can keep this as the general theme for all your guests to follow.
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• Bell Drama And Spunky Raffles

The retro theme is all about boldness, self-confidence, and also dramatic silhouette. Take a cue from the glorious actresses of that time and choose your outfit. You can pick a flared sleeved dress or a top for your retro theme party. In case if you choose to wear a saree, you can pair it with a bat sleeved or bell-sleeved crop top.
Keep the whole look casual with a bold printed bell-sleeved tunic and pair it with a matching scarf. Slay your party looks with a formal B-town theme party in a ruffled and high necked saree blouse and team it with a contrasting chiffon drape.
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• The Trousers Flares 

This is a comfortable fashion trend. So if you love to choose comfortable clothing, this is your call. The 70s style bell bottoms are your thing. Get a flared palazzo or trousers with floral prints or bold geometrical prints.
Tie or fold a stole over your head to get that retro feel. For accessories choose some while pearl necklaces and wear red lipstick to complete your look. Funky colour combinations, stripes, and chunky heels will accentuate the vintage look of yours. 

• Wear Body-Hugging Silhouettes and Go Bold 

If you want to flaunt your curves, take inspiration from the black and white and also the Eastman coloured era of Hollywood. The actress of that time flaunted their body-hugging midis stunningly.
All eyes will be on you if you wear this impeccable style and glamourized ethnic wear to your next retro theme party. 

• Frills And Layers 

It is always great to pick a frilling evening gown or layered frock. Style your outfit with floral hair accessories and some vintage jewellery. You can also choose a dolled up look with lace gloves and curly hair.
Attending a retro theme party sounds a lot of fun and these options would make it more interesting. 

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