Covid-19 impacts and precautions
Covid-19 impacts and precautions
how covid-19 changed our life? how do we take care of our employees as well as customers in this crucial time period.

Creating helpline Numbers for workers.


Our top priority is the health of our employees so that they can manage their particular households and areas. The company provides established up a special helpline number on their behalf so that they can easily feel free to help you share their worries and worries during this crisis. We all are glad the fact that the employees are utilizing this facility and that we can help all of them to our maximum capacity.


Solethread Shoes or boots Joining up with Salaam Bombay.


As a result of total lockdown across the country, the most affected had been the daily salary workers/ migrant work labourers who will be with no work or government support as they are struggling to be providers for homes. Solethread Shoes have joined hands with Salaam Bombay to donate dry out ration kits set for them in Mumbai.


What do those of ration essentially are made up of?

  1.  a few kilos Daawat heritage basmati rice
  2.  a few kilogram Wheat flours
  3.  just one kg Besan atta (Gram Flour)
  4.  just one kg Tuvar dal
  5. 1lt Essential oil
  6.  1 kg Sugars
  7.  one kg Ashirwad Salt
  8. 1/2 kg Orde Agni Coffee
  9.  just one kg Nourishment combined fruit quickly pull


Post-Lockdown Preparation intended for Shop Staff, Staff, and Customers.

We're actively working to taking every possible measure to guarantee the protection of your employees and so customers. You can find SOPs set up and staff will be conditioned to make certain that all safety measures are implemented. There are active sanitization plans for all stores, office buildings, warehouses, and products. The particular various protection measures include,


-Hand sanitisers being located in stores, storage place and in each of our business office


-Stores being sanitized frequently


-Staff at stores will find a mask and then mitts which that they will be putting on all-time once on shift.


-Limiting the number of customers looking and then maintaining social isolating.


Every step required to ensure consumer safety will be studied, to ensure that our customers can enter our stores without fear.


Solethread Brand names aren't just focusing on their employees, vendors, and personnel but likewise, a town who need enable during this pandemic. We hope each of most people out there is certainly loaning a hand to help you help, for it is the tiny points that could make a major difference.


We all happen to be deeply devoted to putting our customers and associates in the centre. In these uncertain instances as COVID-19 turns into a matter of worldwide concern, we can continue to run keeping in head YOU first.


India is on that threshold where that COVID19 cases happen to be increasing swiftly during various declares, and so we’ve chosen to close up a few from our stores around India to aid contain the spread.


Here is what we should are doing to help you keep and the community healthy very safe.


Our company is thoroughly being a disinfectant our store storage areas, the amount counters, shelves, displays and thus on. Our housekeeping staff is overcoming the clock to maintain floor health. Therefore be relax guaranteed when you enter our store.


Our staff is Zeolite Herbal Feet Spray on customers’ feet which provides for a sanitiser. This foot aerosol ıs a herbal apply to in killing the bacteria which usually stay on your feet.


Intended for better assistance, each of our staff is very well trained with all the current norms set by the government bodies. All the required precautions are popular among our personnel to keep hygiene.


Because we can say that transfer of funds too can cause that spread of unwellness, malady, and we request you to use that almost all of the digital exchange facilities available. The store does have such facilities so take advantage of using it. You can even shop at our online store visit this website and get a great additional 5% Apart on your pre-paid orders.


With each other, we all can fight from this. Remain in Residence, Stay Risk-free and revel in shopping online.