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Children can be a handful – whether they’re infants, toddlers or growing kids. Their needs are ever evolving and you’ve just got to keep up with it all. And that’s where we come in. Windmill Live isn’t a space for parental advice. We don’t tell you how to parent any better than you already do. We’re not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. We’re just here to help you discover amazing activities for kids you could do with them every day. Check out our list-based recommendations that have been curated to meet the needs of your child! From learning activities for kids to fun activities, there’s so much out there!

Windmill live comes up with various activities for kids, learning activities for kids, indoor activities for kids, fun activities for kids and much more. Once you become Windmill’s partner you will never have to worry about finding activities that you can do with your kids.

Parenting can be hard, but no one knows better than you how to do it. We are just a helping hand for you to make this easier.

The answer to this is simple. The more you engage with your kids, the more you learn about them. It also helps to create a bold between you from the beginning and it helps them to learn and grow. Windmill live provides you such content that makes it easier for you to understand the kind of kids activities that will both nurture and engage them.

Kids never stop learning and hence, you should never stop teaching. Kids activities will strengthen their skills and create a strong bond between you. Being a parent is sometimes hard and therefore you need to be their friend sometimes.

As your kids grow, they pick up various skills from their surroundings. Developing their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills are necessary which can be done in a lot of ways. Windmill provides you information which is helpful for you to engage in those activities.

Being a parent only you can provide them these opportunities where they can learn, explore and connect with things. These family bonding experiences will give them a greater range of information which will help their long-term development.

Parenting is a long journey in itself and we know it is hard. So, join us as we take you on this journey to Learn, Explore & Connect with your kids in a fun and loving way.

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