The Merits and Demerits Associated with a Misting System
Nowadays more and more people are looking for ideas that are efficient and better for providing cooling concerning the usage of energy and water consumption, and climate change. One such system for cooling is wall mounted mist fan.

Nowadays more and more people are looking for ideas that areefficient and better for providing cooling concerning the usage of energy andwater consumption, and climate change. One such system for cooling is wallmounted mist fan.

These types of misting systems can be encountered by us dailywhile we visit any amusement park or in open-air shopping malls during thesummers at warm places. They generally take the form of a tower which thensprays mist on the people at crowded places like parks, open-air shoppingmalls, or any other place which is crowded.


The Cooling System of The Wall-Mounted Mist Fan

We know the process that water will change from the liquid stateof matter to the gaseous state and this is what happens when the water moleculegoes and evaporates in the air. The amount of heat energy required for makingthis process successful of changing the water from liquid to gas isautomatically taken to the nearby air surrounding which instantly lowers theambient temperature.

This is the same process that our body follows for cooling itselfwhenever up with sweat. When we sweat, the sweat evaporates and the temperatureof the body cools down. The fan proves to be quite efficient if they areinstalled and used properly. If the misting system is efficient then it canlower the temperature by as much as 30 degrees which are also dependent uponthe outdoor temperature and the relative humidity in the atmosphere.


The Merits Associated with the Wall-Mounted Mist Fan?

The evaporative cooling misting system is quite energy-saving andremarkably water efficient. Many people wonder how can a misting fan be energyefficient. This because in the process of cooling water is shooed in the airand anybody can be mistaken that it is wastage of water.

Well, there can be another perspective as well. In the process ofmaking one kilowatt of electricity using natural gas, approximately twenty-fivegallons of water are required. Also, for operating an air conditioner aroundthree to four kilowatts of power is required which comprises aroundseventy-five gallons of water for one hour. This data is far more than whatwill be required to operate any misting system.

As we mentioned earlier as well, it is very easy to operate andinstall the wall-mounted mist fan Dubai once the whole system gets planned out.The system of misting can also be winterized if required as it is there in caseof dripping irrigation or any other system of gardening. Also, an experienceduser does not even require the full kit for installation and no expensiveinvestments are required for pumps.

The system can be run oftentimes from the bib present on the sideof the house. The pipelines connected to it are made up of PVC or poly tubingwhich have a long-lasting effect and make it durable. Additionally, it ensuresproper maintenance side by side working as a misting for watering the pants ofthe garden. Of course, the most underlying benefit is that we are freely ableto utilize our outdoor space without feeling hot.


The Demerits Associated with Wall Mounted Mist Fan

The most common limitation that emerges before us regarding themisting systems is that they can get pricey and quite expensive depending uponthe size of the space. Also, it sometimes becomes a necessity to installexpensive pumps to operate the misting system effectively.

This is because ultimately a mister with low pressure can go withthe normal water pressure of your house but when it comes to large misters thenpumps are required so that fine droplets are received resulting in quickerevaporation and that is not possible with low-pressure pumps. Moreover, if youare not experienced then you will require any professional plumber orcontractor to maintain, handle or install the misting system. This willultimately increase the burden of costs.


Through all the research we are quite well aware now that choosinga misting system is not that easy. We need to consider several factors, pros,and cons, purposes they serve before buying an appropriate mister for theoutdoors of the house. Apart from purchasing there is a requirement of a properguide to install the system and ensuring maintenance of it.

However, it can be seen that the merits associated with purchasingthe wall-mounted mist fan far outweigh the demerits. Extensive research andconsidering the factors stated above would help you in making an informeddecision before buying the wall-mounted mist fan.