Agricultural Plough for a Better Future Harvest
Agricultural Plough for a Better Future Harvest
Ploughing is the primary step in farming and plough is an agricultural equipment that plays an essential role in farming before sowing the seeds.

Ploughing is the primary step in farming and plough is an agricultural equipment that plays an essential role in farming before sowing the seeds. Traditionally, ploughs were made up of wood frames which were pulled by bullocks but with change in time and technology, modern-day ploughs are generally made with iron or steel frames. These ploughs are designed in different shapes and models to be used for different purposes as per the needs and requirements of the farmers. Agricultural ploughs are drawn by tractors to work on a farm. Different soil conditions require different types of plough as per their specifications, features and type of frame. 


The process of ploughing includes loosening and digging the soil before sowing the seeds in order to bring the fresh nutrients of the soil to the top. It is important to plough the field in order to increase the aeration of soil so that roots can be easily penetrated. 


Advantages of Ploughing 

Ploughing involves loosening of soil which results in improved air circulation in the soil.

The roots can easily penetrate deeper into the soil which enables them in holding the plant strongly.

It helps in equal mixing of manure in the soil. 

It also strengthens the water retaining capacity of the soil.

The ploughing process not only annihilates the weeds growing in the field but also supports the growth of microbes.

There are a variety of models available in the market and some of them are described below. 


Mounted Disc Plough

This kind of plough is designed with three or more mounted concave discs that can be easily worked in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing.

It is particularly used to open the new fields and to process the stony, rocky, rooted areas.

Additionally, it is highly advantageous in hard and dry trashy land conditions and also in soils where sterilisation is a main issue.

It is being produced with 2-3-4 and 5 bottoms which is equipped with a scraper that gives an option for extra kit for furrow addition.

This disc plough is either trailed or mounted integrally on a tractor in order to achieve maximum depth. 


Hydraulic Reversible Plough

This hydraulic reversible plough is specially designed to reduce the load on the tractor and avoid tyre slippage along with the capability of decreasing diesel consumption.

It usually comes with an accurately hardened and tempered mould board which expedited perfectly in class soil inversion. 

It is highly suitable particularly for the removal of crops such as sugarcane stubble, wheat stubble, caster, grass and many more. 

It holds soil moisture and enhances soil porosity and aeration which ultimately increases fertilisation and growth of crops. 

Hydraulic reversible plough also deposits crop residues deep into the soil for speedy decomposition by improving the organic structure of the soil, thereby helping in the growth of the weed. 


Heavy Duty Plough

Heavy duty plough can easily handle the toughest ploughing jobs especially designed for hard grounds and soil with large roots. 

Mouldboard plough is the most crucial agricultural tool which is used to turn soil upside down and break up soil in order to bury crop residues and to aid control weeds.

This Single furrow heavy duty mould board plough is manufactured with a special wear-resistant steel blade for deeper digging up the soil.


Special Plough

This category of plough has exclusive wear resistant steel bottoms with chisel for carrying out vigorous ploughing jobs and ensures longer life. 

It can handle any type of ploughing job for outstanding performance according to the needs of the crop. 

It requires perfect alignment at the plough beams carrying the mouldboard bottom which is maintained by virtue of the frame construction to work in any type of soil. 


Basic Plough 

This cost effective is made with high quality material for less wear & tear with chisel on both sides of the sharp ends. 

It comes with adjustable height and tyre according to the power of the tractor as well as depth control.

It is designed to handle the toughest work conditions of hard black soils.

The FORGE tines get their durability because of a distinct design in which the stress prone points are shaped to combat any distorting strains.



Ploughing is very essential as it aids in increasing the fertility of the soil and an agricultural plough is the machinery that is of amazing use for farmers. There are several companies who are dealing in manufacturing and supplying agricultural plough in Rajasthan at highly competitive rates with a promise to deliver within specified time. A farmer can choose wisely among a variety of models of agricultural  plough that is most suitable for his land soil and the crop he wants to prepare it for.