What is an ink abrasion resistance tester, and how does it work?
What is an ink abrasion resistance tester, and how does it work?
Checking the ink abrasion resistance of a printed material sometimes becomes an intricate task. A lot of precision is required to get the exact estimation.

Abrasion resistance is an important property of printed materials. Friction damage usually occurs during storage, handling and transportation. This may result in decreased product appearance and legibility of product information. The amount of abrasion damage of a printed material depends on shipping conditions, temperature, humidity, timing, etc. The test is conducted to evaluate the relative abrasion resistance of printed inks, coatings, laminates and substrates. Tests are carried out to measure the effects of products such as food, detergent powder, beverages etc. on abrasion resistance as leakage may occur while moving the products from one place to another. Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester helps manufacturers to ensure quality and is known as efficient testing equipment.

Rubbing resistance defines the ability of the printed material to tolerate marking, scuffing or smudges during packaging, handling, transport, distribution and use. This testing machine is used to measure the abrasion resistance of the coating layer on the surface of the printed material to analyze the life of the label to make up the actual environment of the application. It simulates the actual work environment of the product and determines the quality and printing method used for printing the label based on the application of the product and its working environment.

Various applications of Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester are:

·         Label printing: It is used to test the abrasion resistance of the ink layer of the printed material and to analyze the problem related to the poor abrasion resistance and ink layer falling off.

·         The Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is also able to measure the rub resistance bond of the ink with the printable surface.

·         To analyze the rubbing resistance of different materials and to collect information about the properties of the sample material.

It tests the abrasion resistance of photosensitive board coating layers and analyzes the problem related to low printing force. Some label applications require special criteria such as resistance to abrasion or good adhesion to hard label surfaces. The label should be able to tolerate extreme temperature conditions, exposure to moisture, etc.

There are several important points to be considered before doing Ink abrasion resistance tester such as:

·         Choosing the Right Testing Machine

·         Choice of abrasion motion

·         Friction speed

·         Direction of abrasion

·         The backing of sample etc.   

The Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is specially designed to measure the resistance against rubbing and scratching. The machine is used to determine the properties of a printed material against various physical conditions. These physical conditions that cause damage, especially to printed materials. Abrasion tester is used to test this printing technology which can bear different conditions.