Top Content Briefing Tools
Top Content Briefing Tools
When it comes to content marketing, a content briefing tool is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome.

When it comes to content marketing, a content briefing tool is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome. This tool can help writers to ensure that the content they produce matches the audience's needs and is in line with their brand voice. There are a number of useful tools for this purpose, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.



Frase is an online tool for content creation. You can use it to write content for a blog or optimize your existing articles. It has powerful AI writing features that help you create unique passages using data. Frase also lets you share your work with others. You can set the level of permission for the collaborators to view or edit the content.


You can get a demo of the tool by requesting a demo via email. Frase also offers videos that will show you how to use the product. There are three plans to choose from: free, business, and enterprise. In addition to free and enterprise plans, you can also get custom packages.


Frase makes it easier to generate content for your blog. It can generate content suggestions based on analysis of your top-performing posts and articles and give you suggestions for new content. It also integrates with Google Search Console to determine if any of your content is reducing traffic. You can also use pre-made templates or create your own. You can also use Frase's AI capabilities to create a personalized template to tailor the content to your business's unique needs.



GatherContent is a content briefing and management system that streamlines the content creation process and reduces the amount of back and forth involved. Its template briefs outline each step in the process and are easy to use. If you're working on a large website redesign or ongoing editorial content production, GatherContent is an excellent choice.


GatherContent allows marketers to prescribe a content brief and manage the content development process, while its templates help communicate expectations and responsibilities. Content briefs can be uploaded and edited through GatherContent, which also offers several other tools for content curation. The platform also works with Quuu, a content curation tool that connects to social media and generates content ideas from 500 niches. Using this tool for content curation can lead to a more effective website, as well as an increased audience engagement.


The details of a content brief can vary depending on what kind of content is required. It may include corporate materials, internal research, editorial style guides, top articles, suggested CTAs, and details about promoted products and services. Its templates also allow content managers to set due dates and track progress.



MarketMuse is a cloud-based content optimization tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide on-page recommendations. The company was founded by Jeff Coyle and Aki Balogh in 2013. The goal of MarketMuse is to streamline the content creation process. Its features include keyword research and topic modeling, and recommendations based on language patterns and search volume.


While Marketmuse can help you with your content optimization efforts, it isn't for everyone. It's best for those with an enterprise strategy. Small businesses and bloggers shouldn't use Marketmuse for their content optimization needs. Topic is a better alternative for small and mid-sized businesses. It streamlines content creation and scaling, tackles a single problem, and has an intuitive interface.


MarketMuse uses AI to automatically create content briefs based on keywords and search intent. It claims to produce high-quality SEO briefs in under 30 minutes. It also features a content grading tool. Its AI-generated content briefs are repeatable and reliable. By reducing the number of hours a marketing team spends on writing content, MarketMuse frees up their time for strategic planning, research, and optimization.


Wiki Browser

If you are looking for an online tool that can create a content briefing for you, Wiki Browser might be a good choice. This application has a wide range of features that you can customize. It has a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to include widgets, videos, and other content. It also offers the ability to create backups and offline versions.


Wikis are an effective way to improve the way you work with your team. You can use them to capture the content in your inbox or to enhance collaboration among engineers in your department. These tools can be very simple to use, but they still require some work. Wikis are not immediately embraced by everyone, especially those who have not yet used them.