How PGDM in Marketing Can Help Your Career
How PGDM in Marketing Can Help Your Career
Doing PGDM in Marketing can do wonders for your professional life. It is the latest trend in the market, and it is what everyone talks about. You will have an edge over your peers because of your knowledge of the subject. The new PGDM curriculum includes economics, finance, marketing, statistics, quantitative methods, and research design that are highly sought-after skills by many companies today. In this article, we will discuss How PGDM in marketing can help your career.

What is PGDM in Marketing?

PGDM is not just about classroom learning alone. It also includes corporate training, corporate visits, workshops, group discussions and guest lectures by industry experts. It is also a great personal decision to do PGDM because you will be able to understand the nuances of the economy better which would help you plan for your future more accurately. It can also help you choose a career path based on how it impacts society. Due to the popularity of the course, students are choosing PGDM over MBA. 

The main aim of the PGDM/MBA course in marketing is to train the students with the skills needed to develop marketing strategies for successful organizations. The course explores the external environment, climate change and change strategy analysis to understand how organizations can be future-ready or prepare them for an uncertain future. Examples like Branding, Digital Marketing, and Supply Chain Management are studied in detail during this program. 

Benefits of doing PGDM in Marketing

Marketing is undoubtedly the heart of companies in the corporate world. It’s what decides how successful it will be in the long run.  And of course, the more successful you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to grow in the business sector. PGDM is particularly geared towards helping students understand the market dynamics of the country they are in.  In India, the teaching is focused on helping students understand what works and what doesn’t work in this market.

PGDM can help you grow your company by providing you with a competitive advantage over other similar companies. It teaches you how to think strategically about your business and how it will further itself in the future. This course can help you in your future brand building, marketing and advertising strategies. It gives you a much better understanding of how to cater for your clients based on their needs and wants.  These insights will help improve the company’s overall performance and profitability. Moreover, PGDM students also learn about customer behaviour and how it affects business decisions. This is essential when pinpointing your target audience because it helps businesses understand who they want to target and why they would want to buy their products or services. The following are some other benefits of doing PGDM in marketing:

  • Higher Rate of Employability
  • Higher Career Growth
  • Incentive Rewards
  • PGDM in finance and marketing

The PGDM in finance and marketing is a postgraduate diploma programme.  It is offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) in collaboration with the University of Buckingham. It is an accelerated programme that follows a semester-on-semester basis. This programme prepares students for leadership roles in finance and marketing globally.  

During the first year of the programme, students take two subjects from an eight-subject list. In the second year, students take a subject from a five-subject list, including one from the list of six compulsory elective courses. During the final year, students take one subject that is offered in each of four semester-based options.

Students are required to take two subjects in the first year and three subjects in the second year. The other eight subjects are chosen from the list of ten elective courses, also covering finance and marketing. Finance plays a vital role in every organization’s planning and provisioning for future growth. Marketing plays an important role in shaping consumer behaviour.

PGDM in Brand Management

The process of marketing and brand management is challenging, but when you’re in it for the long term the rewards are worth the effort. Brand management is an integral part of any company’s strategy – it is without a doubt the driving force behind the success of most major companies. Brands are used successfully by many organizations to increase shareholder value, maximize profits, and provide quality products. PGDM helps you to get insights about brand management according to the actual market. This course will provide you with practical knowledge about how brands are managed in the corporate world and their role in the overall growth of a company. 


PGDM in marketing is a popular postgraduate course that teaches the basics of marketing, business management and related subjects. It is also known as Masters in Marketing. We hope the article helped you to gain insights about PGDM in marketing and its significance in developing your career. We wish you good luck in your future ventures and hope for the best.