Your Guide to the Most Popular Bra Silhouettes—With a Modern Twist
Your Guide to the Most Popular Bra Silhouettes—With a Modern Twist
Are you familiar with some of the most common bra styles? Do you know what the difference is between demi bras and balconette bras? Every company has a different take on classic silhouettes. As time goes on, our favorite silhouettes are getting constant upgrades to give modern women what they seek in an everyday bra. More women are moving to airy and light yet supportive and comfortable bras.

It seems that certain bra silhouettes have been the foundation of women’s intimates for years. These styles are popular because they provide the coverage you desire, the support you need, and the vibe you’re going for. At the same time, more women are craving that “no-bra” feeling and want bras that feel light as air but simultaneously supportive. You really can have it all with the right bras. Here are some bra styles women continue to love the most, with some unexpected twists.

Demi Bras

You may be wondering what is a demi bra, anyway? Demi bras are great for everyday wear as they provide natural coverage and lift. Women of all shapes can successfully wear demi bras. Designs of this classic bra style may vary from company to company, and you can choose a demi bra in lined and unlined versions. If padding and foam are no longer part of your repertoire, choose a demi bra with non-creasing molded cups made of breathable, minimal fabric. Many women prefer a lightweight demi bra instead of one with excess materials.

Balconette Bras

Timeless and chic balconette bras are sensual yet practical for daily wear as long as they aren’t overly frilly. The neckline is open and fairly uniform across the top, with a slight dip in the center. If you prefer clean lines and a composed fit, look for a balconette bra with classic architecture that’s made with sheer power mesh instead of lacy materials. Balconette bras tend to have wider-set straps, creating more openness in the chest area. Some balconette styles have a cool vintage feel to them too.

Triangle Bras

This favorite bra style has teardrop or triangle-shaped cups. Triangle bras plunge in the middle, making them perfect for low-cut tops or dresses. You may find you get plenty of support from a triangle bra if it’s constructed with a lightweight, flexible underwire. Some of the best triangle bras offer minimal coverage but with great support. A soft microfiber cup may feel super luxurious, too, kind of like your favorite T-shirt bra.

Scoop Bras

Scoop bras offer a more rounded neckline than a plunge or triangle bra. The gentle, curved neckline makes it easy to wear with almost anything. A great-fitting scoop bra provides excellent coverage, support, and comfort. It may feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all because it’s so comfortable. A buttery microfiber material without padding is a great scoop bra style to look for.

Plunge Bras

A bold style, plunge bras dip way down in the center. The deep V-shaped neckline makes plunge bras very versatile. How many times have you put on a dress or blouse and found that none of your bras work with it? A plunge bra might be a good solution when you don’t want the center of your bra showing. If you like the simplicity of an effortless bralette, you may find that a plunge bra is for you. Some are designed with a “non-bra” feel to them because they are light and made with semi-sheer power mesh.

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