What is the Signs of True Love
What is the Signs of True Love
Today We will tell some such things by which you can find out whether your partner really loves you or not.

What is the Signs of True Love

We all have love at some point or the other, but many times we do not understand whether this love is true or just attraction. We live in this confusion, that’s why today we will tell what is true love, what are the things that happen in true love.

What is the Mark of True Love:

Nowadays every person wants to know that the person whom we love so much, love so much, for which I gave up studies, left work, stopped giving time to my family, put my career at stake. Gave.

Have done so much for him, does he also love me as much as love or not. Somewhere he has not kept me in deceit, somewhere he is just showing off. So all your dilemma will be solved through this article.

Signs of True Love:

Today Chandigarh Escort will tell some such things by which you can find out whether your partner really loves you or not.

To Control:

Where there is true love, there is no control and efforts and intentions to change the other. But where there is false love, your partner will force you, he will try to put any kind of pressure on you. He will try to change you, will try to control you.

Where there is love, nothing is imposed on anyone that you do as I am saying, no condition is placed in true love.

So if you both have different things, you want to do things that he doesn’t like, but the other person is forcibly making you do things that he likes, then it is not true love at all.

Look, relationship means constructive, both of you are moving forward in life together, both of you walk together and share happiness.

Where he has any problem, you help and support him and where you have any problem, he supports. But in show love he will always try to control you.

Therefore, if you feel even a little bit that before this relationship you used to live a little free mind and since you came into this relationship, that person changed your life and you are not happy with that thing.

If you are not able to do anything or any work on your own accord, everything has to be done according to it, then you will end this thing inside and you can also become a victim of depression. So you have to understand this.

Relationship Compromise:

Friends, where there is true love there is compromise, there is sacrifice. But where there is false love, there is only one thing, there is only one thing to see your benefit.

If the person in front sees only and only for his benefit, only for his own benefit, makes you do something, talks to you only for his own benefit. Or calls you only for his own benefit, then all these things come only in Fake Love.

The benefit can be anything, emotionally, physically, even mentally. Whatever benefit he makes for himself only because it gives him happiness, then this thing is wrong. For example, that person talks to you only when he is bored, when he is free. But when he is not free, he does not talk to you, he talks to you only when he wants to.

But you become very happy that he himself called me, but when you message him, he does not reply, then he becomes busy.

Compromise is that two people leave some things of their own, some do those things so that the other person gets happiness.

So if the person in front stops talking to his friends because he has to talk to you or leaves something else for you, then understand that that person really loves you.

To Respect:

Where there is true love, we respect and respect the other person. I would say that the second number that comes after love in a relationship is respect. Where there is love there must be respect and in other words, where there is respect there is love.

If two people love each other a lot but do not respect each other then that is not love. So no matter what you do for him, but if you do not respect him, then it has no meaning.

Relationship is good only where two people try to be happy. But if you are hurting the other, you are hurting him and you are hoping that the person in front will make you happy, then my brother this is not love.


Talking about true love, it is a simple matter where there will be truth, there will be true love and where there will be lies there will be false love. So where there is true love, both do not hide anything from each other and most things speak the truth.

I said “most” things tell the truth. In today’s time, do not expect from anyone that that person will be true to you in the whole way.

Because no person is true, every person tells a lie, but it depends how big or how small he tells a lie. Stay away from that person who tells lies on small matters.

For example, suppose he has made a mistake and to hide that mistake, someone lies to you and keeps on telling small lies on small mistakes.

Here you are getting the understanding that this person tells so much lies, then it is only right to stay away from such people.

What is False Love – Signs of False Love:

Some such signs of your partner by which you can find out whether his love is true or just for show.

He doesn’t Want You to Know:

In false love, your partner will not be interested in knowing about you at all, will not want to know about you at all. That person will not ask you any question that how are you, what are your dreams, what do you like and what do not like.

He will never ask what you like to do. He won’t ask anything about your family, he’s not interested. You will not even ask about your future that we will do this after marriage, go here and go there.

Nor will he ask about your daily routine, how was your day, why were you so busy, why didn’t you pick up your phone calls, why didn’t you message. He will not even take care of you, how is your mood, good is bad, he will not even ask.

How does Your Day End:

By the end of the day, I mean when you are sleeping, what thoughts go through your mind before going to sleep.

Does it come to your mind that today I told these things to my partner, today he discussed this with me, how much fun it was today. Today we went for a walk here, today he told me this. Today he did this for me, I liked it very much.

Or does it come to the thought that.. man, take it! Today we fought again, today again this misunderstanding has arisen.

He shouldn’t have said that, why did he say that? Why did I say the opposite too?

So here you are also sad and there she is also sad and unable to talk to each other. Look, having a fight is not a big deal.

Fighting should be a fight, because it shows how much life is there in your relationship, but it is not a good thing to have fights every day.

On and Off Love:

On and off means love like a switch, sometimes on and sometimes off, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes your partner will show a lot of love that you are my life, you are everything to me.

We will do this after marriage, we will do that. Sometimes very happy but sometimes very angry. He will start ignoring you all of a sudden and will not talk to you. Neither will pick up your phone, late reply to the message or ignore it. He will suddenly start lying to you on lies, will start making excuses.

If he says anything to you, he will get angry. But when he needs it, suddenly his love increases a lot. When he wants something from you, he talks very sweetly to you.

He will leave you again when the need is met and it just goes on like this.

What is the True Meaning of Love:

Ordinarily love begins with attraction and there is nothing wrong with that. But the important thing is what is the purpose of love?

Finding someone you love? Or to get away from this world by distracting oneself because of not getting it? Both these options are the end of love.

The real meaning of love is remembrance, completeness, selflessness. A love in which the happiness of having those whom you love is not your goal, but your goal is to please them.

Your goal is to give them lots of happiness. Because this love is God and if you are not completely devoted to this love then no path of love will be found.
But if you completely surrender yourself in this love, then understand that with this love you will find God.


Friends, true love is selfless. Where there is selfishness there cannot be love and where there is love there is no selfishness. Hope you liked our article “What is true love”, please tell by commenting, thank you !!

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