Top 7 Kitchen Gadgets for Festive Season
Top 7 Kitchen Gadgets for Festive Season
People are inclined to buy useful kitchen utility items during festive days like Diwali and Christmas. The team at BestPriceBuys has carefully curated a list of the best kitchen appliances you can plan to buy this year to make your kitchen more aesthetic and comfy.

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Buying a new home and kitchen appliances during festivals has been a tradition for ages. Check out the buying guide and best kitchen appliances brands in India

Dishwasher: Washing dishes is one of the most challenging tasks for every woman. Investing in the best dishwasher helps you get rid of the tantrums of maids while reducing your kitchen chores to the minimum. You merely need to load the dishes into it, add detergent and set the wash cycle just like a fully-automatic washing machine. 

Many people are suspicious that whether a dishwasher really cleans dishes? The answer is-Yes. It can clean your spoiled dishes without demanding any physical scrubbing from your end. Nevertheless, it is better if you rinse the dishes with plain water before loading them in the dishwasher. A good quality dishwasher is capable enough to remove tough stains even at hard-to-reach areas of the utensil. 


 Cold Press Juicer: If you are a health fanatic, Cold Press Juicer is the must-buy kitchen gadget for you. Unlike traditional juicers, Cold Press Juicer squeezes juice slowly @ approximately 40-50 RPM (Rotations Per Minute), retaining maximum nutrients and fiber of fruits and vegetables. Unlike traditional centrifugal force, the hydraulic press extracts the juice from the pulp without causing any damage to the nutritional value. 

Is Cold Press Juice really beneficial for health or it’s just marketing hypocrisy? Cold Pressed Juicer extracts the juice at a very low speed, as a result of which a negligible amount of heat is produced. This helps in retaining the nutritional value as well as the natural taste of fruits and vegetables. Cold Pressed Juice helps in boosting immunity (the need of the hour), detoxifying your body, and reducing blood pressure. 

Here's a curated list of top Cold Press Juicers in India. 

Roti Maker: Roti Maker is a lifesaver for all. Whether you are an independent living youngster or a woman living in a joint family, this small & summer-friendly kitchen appliance is the best buy deal this festive season. Bachelors living in a hostel or PG can also cook hot and soft chappatis with this appliance. Modern Roti Makers comes with indicators, shockproof bodies, and non-heating handles which makes cooking flatbreads even easier. With this gadget, making chappati won’t be a troublesome task after those long working hours. You just need to knead the dough, keep the dough ball on the griddle and press it with another plate (lid). Voila! Hot & Soft chappatis are ready.

Check out tips to select the best roti maker in India. 

Dough Kneader: Suitable for bachelors as well, it is another top-rated kitchen appliance to gift yourself. Whether kneading dough is a messy task for you, you are living in a big joint family, or you are a home baker; Dough Maker proves to be a versatile and perfect kitchen appliance. You can knead the dough for chappatis, pooris, bread, pizzas, tortilla, buns, and many other items hygienically without touching the flour with bare hands. Some brands, like Kent Atta and Bread Maker, come with versatility which fills your home with the aroma of freshly baked bread. You just need to add the ingredients and the mess-free soft dough gets ready in the blink of an eye.  

Coffee Machine: ‘Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all’- David Lynch. But no cup of coffee can turn bad when it is prepared in a coffeemaker. So if you are a coffee lover, a coffee machine is one of the best kitchen items to buy during festival days. To cater to customers’ varied needs, various types of coffee-making machines are now available in the market to serve you hot espresso, latte, and cappuccino along with milk frothing. You can opt from Bean Coffee Vending Machine, Cappuccino Coffee Machine, Filter Coffee Maker, Espresso Coffee Maker, and many more to serve perfectly brewed coffee to you and your guests. 

Cooktop: Festivals are the best time to make your home look more aesthetic. If your kitchen is still deprived of an alluring and contemporary cooktop, this is the best time to own it. You can opt to switch to the latest technology gas stove, built-in induction hob, gas hob, electric hob, or a domino hob to give a seamless appearance to your kitchen countertop. Cooktops are now available in glass, ceramic, or steel bodies to match your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Built-in hobs have gained huge popularity in recent years but they have their own demerits. We, at BestPriceBuys, recommend you buy a hob if cleaning is not a big challenge for you and the magnificent appearance of the appliance allures you significantly.

Chopper: Be it an electric chopper or a manual chopper, it will prove itself to be the best kitchen utility item to make your culinary life easier. Chopper is a small kitchen appliance, compact in size and easy to use, wash & assemble/ disassemble. 

A manual chopper comes in different sizes and designs and works by pulling, rotating, or pushing the mechanical force through its blades. Pull string vegetable chopper is very popular in the market these days and chops vegetables in a wink. This small yet sturdy kitchen utility item is easily portable and comfortable to use. Hence, you are free to use it even to chop 2-3 small onions.

So, what’s your pick for this festive season? Tell us in the comment section below. We shall also be glad to answer in case you have any queries related to this article.