Planning the Ideal Valentine’s Day—Putting Yourself First and Wearing Intimates for You
Planning the Ideal Valentine’s Day—Putting Yourself First and Wearing Intimates for You
Have you made plans for the ideal Valentine’s Day? The love or the simple appreciation you show your body may help you treat yourself to special ways of celebrating the occasion. Beyond wearing lingerie, receiving flowers, and eating chocolates, slipping on your favorite demi bra, sitting in a well-lit lunchtime café, and enjoying a solo dinner at home could be the perfect holiday.

You might consider Valentine’s Day an occasion celebrated by only romantic partners and children in school giving out cards. You have grown up and experienced your share of romance, but relationship status has little to do with celebrating love. There’s another way to partake in the holiday—celebrating the love and appreciation you have for yourself and your body. Maybe you plan to get yourself something special, like an ultra-comfortable 34B or 30D bra and matching bottoms. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself with a day of gentle self-care. Now is an excellent time to plan your ideal Valentine’s Day that’s just for you.

Make the Morning More Intimate

The morning can be a time to set a tone for the holiday. Try to make the morning feel powerful, motivating, and intimate with the pieces you wear. Valentine’s Day can allow you to redefine the meaning of the word sensual when it comes to your intimates. You don’t have to feel constrained by your Valentine’s Day underwear to impress someone else. It might be time to find a new bra and bottoms that accentuate rather than change your form, and help you feel confident.

Treat Yourself to a Solo Lunch Date

Whether or not you have something planned for the evening with a partner, lunchtime is all for you. Get comfortable being alone with yourself and your body. Relax into the moment and treat yourself to the special at a restaurant. Undo the top buttons of your blouse and let that sleek balconette bra peek through. A fashion-forward cut and color of your intimates can be the foundation of your outfit, and you decide whether and where the material shows.

Dress Up and Enjoy Your Valentine’s Meal

Once you’ve wrapped up work or finished your do-to list for the day, get dressed for Valentine’s Day dinner. Maybe you have a reservation at a fancy restaurant, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite takeout in a great outfit at home either. You have no reason not to wear that red demi bra with the power mesh material and the comfortable underwire. Wear it under a little black dress, a plain white tee, or even just a blazer. This Valentine’s Day belongs to you.

Unwind in Your Underwear

You might sigh with relief after most of the day is done. It’s time to kick of your shoes and pants, toss that top or dress in the laundry, and lounge away the rest of the evening in your underwear. It’s kind of like treating yourself to a romantic moment between you and your favorite intimates. Enjoy the feeling of the demi bra, balconette bra, triangle bra, or whatever piece you choose to wear. It’s the sweet bliss of a sensual but not sexual, solo moment on Valentine’s Day.

The ideal Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love, and a love or simple appreciation for your body may be all you need. You can treat yourself to the luxurious feeling of intimates that are not meant to be seductive lingerie, but are beautiful and 4comfortable nonetheless. You can take yourself on a date. You can feel powerful and beautiful and totally in charge of yourself regardless of the size or silhouettes you wear. If that’s not a reason to celebrate love, what is?

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