How to Welcome Spring with Your Intimate Drawer
How to Welcome Spring with Your Intimate Drawer
If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to refresh your drawer of intimates, the start of spring is a perfect time. When you shop bra and underwear styles before the start of spring, it can help you truly say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Plus, giving your underwear that spring-clean feeling is really a very simple and truly enjoyable process.

You have some time before spring arrives. It may be just enough to try something you’ve wanted to do ever since you started wearing bras—investing in fresh intimates. Better yet, doing so at the freshest time of year. When you shop bra and underwear styles before the start of spring, it can help you truly say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. When you want to welcome spring in this intimate and exciting way, you can make the most of it with a few timely techniques to support your form.

Spring Clean Your Underwear Drawer

Before spring, the first thing to do for yourself and your intimates is clean out your underwear drawer. Bid the pieces you do not wear a not-so-fond farewell because it’s time to move on with your life. You might be guilty of hanging on to five-year-old pieces, but they’ve lost their structure and no longer offer the support you need. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in over a year and anything you’ve worn almost every day for that same amount of time. Then, you can set your sights on the fun part of springtime for intimates.

Shop Bra Styles From Modern Bra Brands

You’re transitioning into a new, fresh part of life deserving of high-quality, modern intimates. You can find a variety of different silhouettes that fit your body instead of squeezing into antiquated bra models. The most iconic bra and underwear fashions for your spring intimates may feature pared-down silhouettes with performance-strength materials. They might help you feel like you’re taking on the world by trying something new while staying comfortable all day long. At least, that’s the goal of refreshing your collection.

Give Your Boobs a Breath of Fresh Air

With the rain washing away winter gloom and the promise of sunnier, brighter days ahead, spring is a breath of fresh air. Let your form breathe that air through innovative materials that upgrade your intimates. Bras and underwear with premium fabrics like breathable power mesh, smooth microfiber, and silky modal are perfect for spring. You can even find a demi bra that’s lightweight yet still provides nipple coverage, just in case there’s a cold spring breeze. These materials can help you and your body bask in the glory of spring in your first layer of clothing.

Sometimes, you might feel like you have to wait to find new bras until your older ones are completely worn through. That is incorrect. You can shop bra styles whenever you feel like your drawer of intimates could use a refresh, whether you wear a 34B, 38G, or a 30D bra. For you, that time may be spring. For others, it could be that they pick up a new style every time their favorite brand drops limited-edition colors. When you want to give your underwear that spring-clean feeling, the process is really, very simple and truly enjoyable.

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