How to Respond to Inappropriate Period Comments
How to Respond to Inappropriate Period Comments
If you’re tired of hearing “jokes” about periods and period care, it’s time to stand up for everyone with a period. Don’t laugh, chuckle, or smirk. Use real, grounded responses. Change the narrative around periods. Open more discussions about modern period care products like period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear. Whether or not you have a period, you can make a difference.

People with periods grow up hearing all kinds of “jokes” and inappropriate comments about menstruation, PMS, and period care. The thing about these little jabs is that they aren’t funny. Sometimes, they’re downright mean. If anything, you might respond with a sarcastic and flat “Ha—good one.” (Your call if you want to work in an eye roll.)

As you get comfortable with your period, you’ll uncover all kinds of information about bodies, hormones, vaginas, and different types of period care. This knowledge just makes the offhand remarks seem even more inappropriate and insulting.

Periods are crazy cool and totally natural. While there has been progress in conversations around periods and products people use during their period, there’s still work to do. This work starts in homes, classrooms, offices, and on the street. When people cross the line with period jokes and comments, stand up for everyone with a period.

They Say: “Oh, Is It That Time of the Month?”

No. Just no. The idea that someone with a period can only be upset, aggravated, or testy when they’re menstruating is simply not based in reality. This “joke” gets real old long before you hear it over 50 times.

You Say: “No.”

The best response is, “No.” Don’t smile. Don’t chuckle. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Plus, it’s none of their business either way.

They Say: “No One Wants to Hear That

Now, this comment is one of the most overused “jokes” or insults a person could hear. Periods are a natural part of life. They indicate that a person with a period is healthy and well-nourished, and that their body is working exactly as it should. There’s no reason to sink to their level with a snarky, “Nobody wants to hear about your _____, either.”

You Say: “Why?”

Instead, respond with a very sincere, “Why?” Because honestly, why? People with periods should feel free to talk about periods, and openly discuss modern period care options like period cups, menstrual discs, and leakproof panties. These are the things people need to examine!

They Say: “That’s Gross!”

Period blood might not be the prettiest subject, but it’s certainly not gross. People should be raised to see periods and period care as necessities. They are not impure or unclean. If a person with a period needs to go to the bathroom and clean their menstrual cup in the middle of the day, it’s not a joke. It’s life.

You Say: “Well, I’m basically a superhero.”

Anyone who says anything derogatory, implying that period blood or period care is gross deserves the response, “You might be a bully, but surviving four days of bleeding doesn’t make me a victim—I’m basically a superhero.” It’s a little long-winded, but they put that soapbox in front of you, with a red carpet leading the way. Why not make a statement?

It’s fine to have a laugh with close friends about period struggles (what’s life without finding the fun in the things?). However, periods don’t get in the way of what you can accomplish, and it’s simply inappropriate for anyone to perpetuate falsehoods about periods or bully anyone with a period. The way to change the narrative around periods and period care is to stand up for menstruation. Talk about periods, period cups, menstrual discs, period underwear, tampons, pads, flows, and your feelings about them. Whether or not you have a period, you can make a difference.

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