How to Refresh Your Bras and Underwear for a New Vibe
How to Refresh Your Bras and Underwear for a New Vibe
If you sense your bras and underwear are boring you or losing their structure, give your whole collection a refresh and shop bra styles with a new vibe. You want to find intimates that won’t compromise your body or lifestyle. Moving away from outdated design templates will help you find pieces like a demi bra that genuinely fits your unique shape and size.

Your bras and underwear are essential pieces that support your body at the basest of levels. They’re intimate pieces that can set the tone for the day or the events in your future. Compromising the fit of your intimates, keeping them after they lose their structure, or simply getting bored with your collection can get in the way of your quality of life. If you sense your bras and underwear heading down this path, give your whole collection a refresh and shop bra styles with a new vibe that won’t compromise your body or lifestyle.

Seek Out New Designs

One of the first things to consider changing is the design of the intimates you wear. You might be used to the options available in typical bra and underwear stores. In that case, consider styles that lean more on the supportive aspects of their designs. Remove the padding, lace, frills, and outdated standard sizing system. Look for pared-down silhouettes with strong structures, materials that form to your body, and sizes based on real women’s bodies (instead of an outdated math equation).

Explore Different Materials

The materials used to fashion your intimates are critical to the design and the overall vibe you give your collection. Explore materials you might not have tried before, like an unlined, silky-smooth, flexible power mesh or a luxury microfiber. Combined with a flexible underwire and innovative structural components, these materials offer the kind of support you need, whether you wear a 32A, 44E, or 30D bra.

Wear a Matching Set of Rich Shades

While the silhouettes and materials of your bras and underwear significantly impact the vibe of your collection, you can give it a real feeling with color. The color does not necessarily have to be vibrant or vivacious to give intimates a feeling of richness and quality. That’s achieved through all the components. You could wear a matching set of sand-colored intimates exuding the same confidence and power as a bold cerise or vibrant yellow. It’s a matter of what you need to feel the fresh, newness that will enliven your drawer of intimates.

Say Goodbye to Compromise

With your new bra and underwear set or in the overhaul of your entire drawer of intimates, there is no place for compromise. You are not squeezing your body into a generic size you think could maybe work. Having experience with bras and underwear, you don’t have to waste your time on or subject your body to pieces that don’t fit. Take the time to find a bra silhouette and size that fits, plus underwear that you enjoy the feeling and shape of. If you can, try to wear a bra for 30 minutes before making a for-sure decision. High-quality bras will have materials that form to your body better the longer you wear them.

Change is a good thing—especially when it comes to your intimates. You have no reason to continue wearing pieces that don’t support your body. Moving away from outdated designs and sizing standards will help you find a demi bra or high waist underwear that genuinely fits your unique shape and size. You can then allow yourself to explore the upgraded silhouettes void of any excess materials that accentuate your body and give your whole day a new vibe.

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