How to Find Intimates for a Changing Body
How to Find Intimates for a Changing Body
If your body is changing, it is not a reason to settle for bras and underwear of lower quality. Some exceptionally accommodating pieces, like modal high waist underwear, are ideal styles to have on hand. Whether it’s a transitional time or a new part of a woman’s life, your intimates are meant to support you and help you feel comfortable every day.

There are pivotal times in life when your body changes. For women especially, these changes have a considerable impact on their underwear. When you hit puberty, you had to add bras to your list of intimates. After high school, your body probably changed even more. When you’re pregnant, your boobs, stomach, and hips may grow to accommodate a child. Then there are later times—postpartum, menopause, and just getting older. Your body doesn’t stay the same throughout your life, and neither should your bras and underwear. As you continue to search for intimates for your changing body, these are the things that may help.

Know Your New Measurements

When it’s time to purchase any new intimate, you should take some time to measure yourself. That could mean using a sewing tape measure at home, going to a store, or talking to a bra fit therapist online. It may seem more of a challenge to find the proper bra size than bottoms, but it’s worth it. Your body may change or develop more in the future, especially if you’re pregnant or still a teenager. Ensure your form isn’t crushed or squeezed into something that doesn’t fit, and know your measurements.

Think About Bra and Underwear Materials

If you want your bras and underwear to last through different times of your life, reliable structures and materials are essential. Some intimates can accommodate a changing body, like high-stretch modal underwear. Modal thongs and high waist underwear are fantastic options for maternity because they stay comfortable as you grow. Keep in mind that you may want to size up at some of your life stages (like pregnancy). If you’re looking for a bra, you want to ensure the material and silhouette effectively holds and supports your shape, even molding to fit you better the more you wear it. It’s also important to remember that bras and underwear should be replaced regularly, regardless of body changes.

Invest in Yourself for Your Body

The advancements made in intimates are impressive—but not as impressive as the female form. Your body should be revered through every stage for its strength and the beautiful way it accomplishes your goals. Look for bras and underwear that will celebrate your body. There are balconette, demi, and plunging bra silhouettes, all designed to accentuate your natural curves. If your body continues to change, don’t settle for baggy, sagging, unattractive intimates. Instead of stocking up on low-quality pieces with a low price point, invest in supportive, structurally sound, and innovative styles of the highest quality.

Your body will not stay the same forever. Despite the regularity with which your form may fluctuate, prioritize finding and wearing comfortable intimates with every change. It’s long past the era when women were forced to conform their bodies to the shape of their clothes. No matter what phase of life you enter, it is an ideal time to find intimates that form to your shape instead.

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