How to Be Prepared If Your Summer Vacation Lines Up with Your Period
How to Be Prepared If Your Summer Vacation Lines Up with Your Period
For anyone with a period, summer getaways with friends or family have to be strategized a little differently from those without a cycle. Don’t worry, though. Reusable period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear can help you enjoy a relaxing vacation without worrying about leaks or stuffing your bag full of disposable period care. Here’s how to be prepared when your vacation lines up with your period.

Planning vacations for the summer is a highlight of spring. If your friends are involved, you might think about all the great places you want to go to together. If you’re joining a family vacation, you might look forward to an easygoing schedule. The only downside to group vacationing is that you can’t always plan around your cycle. Anyone with a period has to strategize their summer getaways with friends or family a little differently. Here’s how to be prepared if your vacation lines up with your period.

Track Your Cycle (If You Can)

Many people with a period are able to track their cycles. They either keep it on the calendar, know a general date, employ a cycle tracking app, or use a form of birth control that makes the flow start like clockwork. Tracking your cycle is a great way to stay prepared for your vacation, especially if you monitor it in the months leading up to summer.

There are times when it’s not totally possible to track your cycle. If you have irregular periods, hormone imbalances, or feel extra stressed, it can impact your period. Rather than the average 28-day cycle, it might be shorter or longer. Sometimes, your body may fail to ovulate regularly, altering your cycle.

Pack Period Care Products

Regardless of cycle-tracking, bring period care products to stay on top of your flow. Modern, reusable period care is ideal for summer vacations with friends or family. Period cups, discs, and leakproof underwear are all great options. They take up much less room in travel bags than disposable options, and you can wear them while you walk, dance, practice yoga, or do pretty much any other activity. If you wear a reusable period cup, you can even swim in them. If you wear a disc, they’re a great option for no-mess period sex. You can also safely wear some of the best cups and discs for up to 12 hours.

Invest in Go-Bags for Leakproof Underwear

While period cups and discs might come with a complimentary bag to keep them clean and tucked away when you’re not using them, that’s likely not the case with period underwear. If a period care brand offers a “go-bag,” you should grab it before your vacation. It’s great for long travel days or non-stop schedules. No matter what kind of period care product you use, make sure you have easy access to its go-bag while traveling or exploring a new city.

Going on vacation in the summer is a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family. If you have a period, it might take some additional planning to get around that first part of your cycle without a hitch. Fortunately, packing period care items like reusable period cups or discs and leakproof underwear can help you feel prepared and comfortable even if you start to flow. The best leakproof underwear will feature a thin, highly absorbent gusset so that you always feel comfortable (aka, they’re not bulky, and they don’t feel wet). You can stash them away in special go-bags that make transporting period care items easy and hygienic. That way, you have a chance to enjoy your well-deserved break—and every day after it—without worrying about your period.

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