House cleaning tips and house cleaning ideas in detail
House cleaning tips and house cleaning ideas in detail
House cleaning tips and house cleaning ideas in detail

House cleaning tips and house cleaning ideas in detail

House cleaning tips and house cleaning ideas in detail


A person’s psychological comfort is reflected in his professional, academic and social performance as well. When a person feels stable and comfortable in the environment in which he resides, he pours most of his energy into creativity, engaging in social relations, and strengthening his connections with those around him. Hence, we find the importance of the place in which people live is clean and psychologically comfortable. Cleanliness and order bring a feeling of stability and calm to people, which improves mood and communication, increases the safety and health of the general atmosphere and the motivation of family members to accomplish and work.

In this article about cleaning the house, we will provide a set of practical and important tips for the care and maintenance of the house and how to clean the facilities of the house from the bedrooms to the living room and the guest reception room, and we will also talk about tips for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. We will also talk about the distribution of tasks and the participatory cleaning of the house and the best ways to maintain the cleanliness of the house, its rooms and its corners, and how to carry out work related to hygiene and cleaning on a daily and periodic basis to keep the house clean always and actively and help all individuals who live in this house.



Bedroom cleaning tips

The cleanliness and arrangement of the bedroom and the presence of healthy and clean air in it facilitates the process of sleeping and makes it more effective and useful, so focus should be placed on the need to maintain the arrangement of the bedroom and clean it on a daily or almost daily basis at least. Also, cleaning all the details and items in the bedroom should not be neglected. Here we will present a set of tips for cleaning bedrooms properly and useful: [2]


Washing dirty clothes and not keeping them in the bedroom!

Wash bed sheets, pillows, bed covers and curtains periodically, taking care to replace them periodically.

Clean the window glass and the protective grille, if any. As the dust is attached to the outside of the window and the protective net from entering insects and dust, however, it introduces the particles of those dust and small suspended materials into the room, so it must be cleaned constantly.

Dust and wipe the surfaces in the bedroom such as the mirror, cupboard surfaces, door, door handle, desktop and other items that accumulate dust and dirt.

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and the carpets in the bedroom, and if there is no carpet, the tiles and the floor must be cleaned, taking care not to expose the wooden parts of the furniture in the bedroom to water to avoid damage.

Arranging closets, arranging clothes, and placing them in their designated places.

It must be emphasized that each member of the family must take care of the cleanliness and arrangement of his own sleeping quarters, and children can be accustomed to this from a young age and urge them to arrange their beds after leaving and return the toys to the storage areas and lockers for that.



The cleanliness and cleanliness of the kitchen must be taken care of because it is the place where food and drink are prepared, and the cleanliness of this place is a necessary element to ensure the safety of food and drinks that family members will eat. Here are some kitchen cleaning tips: [3]


Cleaning and glazing dishes and cups! Here, you must choose a good detergent with a good smell, and sterilize dishes, cups, pots and pans, all cooking equipment and tools, as well as spoons and knives. The cleaning process must be sterile and disinfected for those utensils and tools to ensure that diseases are not transmitted.

Clean the dishwasher and utensils! It must be cleaned constantly and using tools designated for cleaning and sterilization.

Wipe the dust accumulated on surfaces and utensils in the kitchen.

Cleaning and wiping glass and surfaces such as the outside of the refrigerator, the door, windows and cooking and cooking surfaces.

Clean and wipe the kitchen floor periodically with sterile and disinfectant materials.

Arranging and cleaning the refrigerator from the inside and wiping the shelves and internal surfaces of the refrigerator. With the importance of arranging things inside the refrigerator within the available space.

When cleaning the kitchen ceiling, be careful not to leave anything exposed to dust and dust falling on it. So things should be wrapped and put away as much as possible.

Special utensils should be allocated separately for plankton and residual fatty foods from the rest of the materials.

It is recommended to allocate clear tools for drinking glasses and glasses for plastic.

Taking care of the cleanliness of the gas oven, electric oven or microwave oven, sterilizing them, and cleaning them from suspended fats and oils.

It is recommended to use a grease and oil extraction machine, which is installed above the cooking oven.

Empty the trash periodically to prevent bad odor and leakage of some liquid waste.

There is no problem with the participation of all family members in cleaning and caring for the kitchen and its tools, as it is not the responsibility of the wife only!


Bathroom cleaning tips

It is always necessary to work on cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, because the person’s need to remove the waste is very important, and the presence of a repulsive and unclean environment may hinder the completion of this need. Therefore, this facility should not be neglected from the home. Here are some tips for cleaning bathrooms and maintaining their cleanliness constantly:


Clean the bathroom floor with sterile and disinfectant materials, periodically and permanently.

The decorative pieces of the bathroom floor can be used to give a beautiful view, with the necessity of cleaning, washing and sterilizing them constantly.


Constant ventilation and window cleaning.

Wash the toilet with sterile and disinfectant materials and not allow dirt to accumulate.

The necessity of providing soap, tissues, towels, tools for cleaning teeth, face and hands, and shampoo for hair and body at all times in the bathroom.

Cleaning and wiping the toilet seat periodically using strong tissues or a special cloth and sterilizing them immediately after cleaning.

Scrub the stains and use a strong stain remover.

Clean and wash the hand washing bowl in the bathroom and scrub it well.

Constantly cleaning and sterilizing the walls with special detergents in mind.

Bathtub needs cleaning and wrapping with sterile materials and save

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