Happy 2022: A New Chapter and Next-Level Comfort in Bras
Happy 2022: A New Chapter and Next-Level Comfort in Bras
As we continue to redefine how we get dressed in the morning and explore comfort for today’s world, it’s your chance to start anew. For many women, this means perfecting your sartorial sense with great-fitting, lightweight bras and panties. From plunge bras to demi bras, you can find comfort, support, and empowerment with the first layers you put on and go from there.

This year is shaping up to be another glorious year for humans to explore and redefine what it feels like to get dressed and look at fashion as a form of self-care. In this next chapter, have you thought about what your clothes mean to you or how they help you express yourself? Maybe it’s about building a comfortable foundation and embracing your sense of style—from loungewear to formal wear to underwear. It starts with the first layers you put on before heading out the door. For many women, this means perfecting your sartorial sense, starting with bras and panties. Think about wearing “lightness”—here’s what that may look like.

Supportive Design and Lightweight Materials

For the “non-bra” feeling that many crave and have grown accustomed to, an easy to wear bra that still provides support is an essential layer. Have you found the perfect bra yet? Flimsy lace and cotton aren’t going to cut it for many boob shapes. Many women need real support, and it can be found in a variety of bra styles. If you like the light feeling of a bralette, try pared-down plunge bras made of power mesh and an ultra-thin, flexible underwire. This style offers a feminine cut for everyday wear while supporting you simultaneously. A plunge bra with a deep V-shaped neckline lets you show some skin. Pick a gorgeous color and be bold in how you wear it.

Move and Flex Your Way

If you’ve had trouble in the past finding bras that are comfortable and supportive enough to wear all day, there are a variety of solutions. Minimal, unlined bras with thin, lightweight underwire are a perfect approach to comfortably supporting your shape. You don’t have to ditch the underwire bra when you finally get your hands on one that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. What is demi bra style like without padding or foam? It’s a freeing experience reminiscent of a classic T-shirt bra. A structured bra with breathable material that doesn’t crease is a good way to go—and your underwires should never poke or dig into your skin. Ditch those that do.

Bras That Fit and Inclusive Sizing

As you step into your latest chapter, remember you don’t have to force yourself to wear bras that no longer align with who you are. There are plenty of size-inclusive brands looking out for women of all shapes and sizes, whether you wear 34B bras or 42F bras and a wide variety of other sizes. Outdated sizing systems and poor designs have finally given way to modern silhouettes that naturally form a woman’s curves and celebrate her body. Bras are like an expressive foundation. Discover different silhouettes curated in artistic colorways and made with performance-strength materials that feel luxurious. From plunge to balconette styles, find sheer, sculpted support in your size.

About CUUP

Supporting your shape means investing in intimates with structure made for your body, which is what you get from CUUP. Their iconically unlined bras and elevated bottoms accentuate your natural shape instead of trying to change it with excess materials, padding, and frills. With their most recent size expansion, CUUP offers a more extensive range of sizes from A to H, with some bands extending to 44. The luxurious feel and performance strength of CUUP intimates shape a modern legacy of sensuality. Whether you want a bra black as night or high waist panties white as salt, CUUP can support you.

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