Fall Proof Your Intimates Collection
Fall Proof Your Intimates Collection
Fall is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your intimates collection from ill-fitting bras and underwear to modern, comfortable, supportive bras and high waist underwear you’ll love wearing. As you dash from school drop-off to work, you won’t have to worry about your intimates poking, prodding, or shifting out of place. With the luxuriously lightweight feeling of sheer power mesh on your skin, you might even forget you’re wearing a bra.

As fall approaches, the days get shorter, but the schedules seem to get longer. Whether you work from home, in the office, or drive kids to school, you need everyday intimates that can keep up the pace. It’s time to toss out the stretched-out, ill-fitting bras and start treating yourself to luxury, quality intimates that won’t cause a fuss in your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Back to School

Back-to-school time means busy schedules and long days for moms everywhere. Your intimates should offer lasting support as you drop the kids off at school and stay on the move comfortably throughout the day. The last thing you want is to get caught at the bus stop without a good bra. Set the style tone by looking poised and put together with quality intimates. At least you’ll look the part as you tackle the items on your agenda without pausing to fuss or fidget with an improperly fitting 32F bra. Upgrade your intimates wardrobe to include modern, elevated sheer power mesh bras that provide the ultimate support and comfort without the bulk of unnecessary padding.

Office Days

Greet your coworkers in sleek, modern form. A plunging bra is a stunning pick to go under a blouse or blazer. Reach for it whenever you want a deep V silhouette that flatters and naturally shapes. Look for a plunging bra that is soft, sheer, unlined, and breathable. One material you’ll want to try this fall is sheer power mesh, which delivers support without the weight. A deep V neckline creates an effortlessly stylish and modern feminine cut ideal for office or daily wear. You won’t be in a rush to rip off this bra when you get home from work; You might even forget it’s there!

Work From Home

Home sweet home. Whether you work from home or don’t work from home, being at home is no reason to slack on style or support. The goal is to dress to impress for video meetings and to maintain essential self-care, which doesn’t include an old, stretched-out bra. Times have changed, and so should your intimates. There are many luxurious choices perfect for the active, busy modern woman. The Balconette bra makes the ultimate at-home companion by offering everyday comfort, support, and shaping. Plus, this style pairs perfectly with classy, sophisticated high waist underwear in rich curated colors that will brighten your day with warm, cozy fall feelings.

Weekend Vibes

Your bra should match your mood, so your weekend intimates should emulate cool, calm, and collected. Weekends mean anything goes, so you need intimates that can go from yoga class to brunch to an evening cocktail. If your plans don’t proceed further than a cup of coffee on the couch, that’s okay too. Wearing correctly fitted quality intimates will ensure you’re ready to go when opportunity strikes, like a last-minute invitation to check out a popular new restaurant or a trip to the pumpkin patch with the family—no bra change necessary.

Special Occasions

Fall is the perfect time to invest in quality luxury intimates that radiate a sense of elegance for those special occasions and upcoming holiday rushes where there are multiple events to attend. While having a designated set of intimates for holidays and special occasions isn’t required, sometimes it’s nice to have them at your disposal. Dressing your best for a company holiday party or dinner date should include intimates that set the tone of your attire by elevating feelings of sensuality and confidence.

About CUUP

Supporting the natural shape of bodies from home to office to the beach and everywhere in between, CUUP offers intimates for everyday luxury. Their innovative bras, underwear, and swimwear have the structures and silhouettes that redefine sensuality. They bring much-needed elements of modernity, including innovation, strength, artistry, and freedom of expression. With their iconically unlined bras, sophisticated underwear, and timeless swimwear, CUUP provides an opportunity to slip into sensuality like it’s a powerful second skin. Pair The Balconette bra made from sheer power mesh with The Tap underwear in power mesh or soft modal, or make a set with The Plunge bra and The Bikini. With CUUP, you can experience intimates that support and accentuate the female form without compromise.

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