Celebrate Spring with Fresh, New Underwear
Celebrate Spring with Fresh, New Underwear
If winter has left you feeling a little uninspired, it’s time to get your mojo back. Maybe some new underwear like super comfy black thongs might help. The key with thongs is getting a comfortable and flattering fit. Or, perhaps high waist styles are more your speed. Either way, springtime is a great time of year to give your underwear drawer a breath of fresh air.

Sunnier, brighter, warmer days are ahead. Are you feeling springy yet? Maybe giving your underwear drawer a breath of fresh air with new styles will help get you there. It’s something happy and fun to look forward to! Cover your bottom (or don’t) with the following underwear styles made to naturally contour to the shape of your body.

High Comfort, High Waist with Vintage Vibes

Chic and structured pairs of high waist underwear continue to push fashion forward. So comfortable and so cute, a vintage-inspired cut will put some pep in your step this spring. A curve-flattering high-rise bottom should offer clean coverage without excess fabric. High waist panties are perfect for keeping you covered under a dress and feel just as great on their own while you’re lounging at home. A little cheeky backside never hurt either. Look for secure coverage and features such as a smooth, no-roll waistband. High waist lingerie, perhaps in a leopard print, will feel extra sensual.

Maximum Comfort, Minimal Coverage Thong

If winter has left you feeling slightly uninspired, it’s time to get your mojo back. Super comfy black thongs might do the trick. The key with thongs is getting a comfortable and flattering fit. It should almost feel like you’re not wearing underwear at all. On the days you want your undies to disappear under your clothing, a seamless thong won’t let you down. Barely-there thong underwear works well with everything from leggings to dresses. A great design element to look for is a waistband that can sit high on the waist or low across the hips.

Everyday Classic Bikini

A bikini cut is a classic silhouette. It’s always a versatile and stylish foundation. Soft fabric that hugs the body usually feels the best. Something like ultra-soft modal bikinis, for example, feel light against the skin. Seek bikini styles with a forgiving waistband and clean lines for everyday wear. Another nice feature to look for is a flattering V-shape in the back to keep your underwear lying flat against the skin. The fine construction details of underwear separate the good ones from sub-par intimates.

Underwear Designed for Anything

Take up residence in underwear designed for anything—lounging, dressing up, and everything in between. A full-coverage style of underwear can keep you both comfortable and stylish. A gorgeous pair is something you could wear under a sheer silhouette to go out or pair with your favorite tank to feel just as sensual as you stay in. The architectural lines of full coverage panties should flatter your natural shape and look great with your favorite bra.

Are you seeing new spring underwear in the forecast for you this spring? Whatever your personality or personal taste is, it’s great to have a variety of styles that support your outfits and your mood.

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