5 Ways to Wear a Cute Maternity Sweater for Pregnancy and Nursing
5 Ways to Wear a Cute Maternity Sweater for Pregnancy and Nursing
If you’re thinking about a must-have piece for a maternity wardrobe in winter, it’s got to be a sweater. A piece of maternity clothing like a luxurious sweater is the perfect closet staple for layering over turtlenecks, pairing with leggings, and giving you plenty of other outfit ideas for the season. Plus, you can uncover how to style sweaters for a stylish nursing outfit as well.

The weather is feeling a little chillier, outfits are looking way more seasonal, and cozy is a vibe we’re all after. A winter pregnancy is one to be enjoyed for all those reasons. There are some really fun pregnancy outfits perfect for the cold months and chilly days ahead. The one piece of maternity clothing you need in your closet to make these outfits possible is a maternity sweater.

Maternity sweaters are the perfect wardrobe staple to keep you feeling cozy and cute through pregnancy and beyond. But wait—there’s more—these sweater styling tips are also great for nursing. Here are five ways to wear a cute maternity sweater from the first to the fourth trimester.

Layered with a Turtleneck

An easy way to dress up a sweater for casual or more dressy occasions is to layer it over a chic turtleneck. When you’re choosing a sweater to layer for the remainder of winter (and the rest of your pregnancy), make sure it’s a high-quality material like merino cashmere or a cashmere blend. You’re investing in yourself here, mama.

Over Stretchy Leggings

A reliable pair of top-notch maternity leggings are a must for mamas-to-be whether they love high fashion or refuse to change out of their partner’s old T-shirt. Luckily for all of you who love cozy outfits, a pair of leggings for before, during, and after pregnancy pair perfectly with both mock neck and V-neck sweaters.

As a Cozy Sweater Dress

If you’d rather go with a super luxurious, all-in-one outfit inspired by all your favorite plush sweaters, a cashmere sweater dress might be your cold-weather maternity clothing piece of choice. Go for a bright color to wear to parties or dress up on any given day.

With Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

For a pulled together yet laid-back seasonal look, pull on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to go with a sophisticated sweater. You’ll have to pull this outfit together with a pair of chic shoes, but it’s a no-fail route to a winter style win.

Unbuttoned for Easy Access

A button-up cardigan in a softly textured wool and cashmere material is the perfect easy-access point in premium nursing clothes. You could also go with a luxe French terry sweatshirt designed with a deep V-neck and buttons for your babe’s feeding time. Both pieces have easy access for breastfeeding, and they’re excellent cozy options from the first to the fourth trimester (and most likely after that too).

When it comes to maternity and nursing clothes during the colder months, it’s hard to beat a cute and cozy sweater with luxe materials like cashmere or a cashmere blend. You might just be a mama who wants to wear their sweaters year-round (and who could blame you?). Either way, it’s always a good idea to invest in high-grade maternity clothing designed to last well after the incubation period for your babe is over. Whether you’re shopping with pregnancy or nursing in mind this winter season, don’t forget to grab a sweater for your maternity wardrobe.


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