5 Tips for Finding a Brand That Makes Buying a Bra Online Easy
5 Tips for Finding a Brand That Makes Buying a Bra Online Easy
Shopping for bras online boasts a lot of benefits. It’s a convenient way to get the luxury styles you love, from plunging bras to demi bras and more. But how can you best navigate the ever-growing world of online shopping for intimates? Here are some tips for bra shopping online and finding the best intimates brand so you can have a premium experience.

Looking for bras online allows you to shop wherever and whenever you’d like. No more finding gaps in your busy schedule to shop while stores remain open. Shopping for bras online also allows you to get the information you need from the comfort of your home. For example, if you’re not sure what a demi bra is, you can literally type in “what is demi bra” and, within minutes, know if that’s the right choice for yourself. But the full benefits of shopping for bras online can only be experienced when you find a brand that supports you every step of the way. Here are five features to look for when seeking the perfect intimates brand for you while navigating the online world of shopping for bras.

They Make Finding the Perfect Size Easy

One of the biggest concerns about buying bras online is that it can be tricky to get a size that fits just right. However, many intimates companies have factored this into their online shopping experience. Some of the best bra brands even offer online bra sizing quizzes and virtual bra fittings you can do right from home. Be sure to find an inclusive brand that provides a wide range of sizes from A to H.

They Offer Flattering Silhouettes That Are Easy to Love

One of the best parts of shopping for bras online is all the options you can browse. Finding a bra silhouette you love is easier than ever. You can effortlessly browse everything from plunge bras to demi bras and balconette bras. You can also shop for pared-down silhouettes that bring modernity to your classic intimate styles.

They Focus on Comfortable, Quality Materials

How do you know if your bra will be comfortable? You’ll have to look directly at the materials the bras you’re considering are made out of. Look for bras made of luxe materials like sheer power mesh and soft microfiber that come in all your favorite colors. This way, you can find exactly what you like, whether it’s a bra black or a stunning shade of red.

They Offer Innovative Designs That Support Your Body

As with the internet, innovation is everywhere. And the best bra brands are making innovations to classic bra designs to make them better suited to support your body the way you need. Look for innovations like a flexible underwire that moves with your body and comfortable, sleek, pared-down silhouettes.

The Brand Makes You Feel Empowered

It can be challenging when you first start looking for a bra company you can love and trust. But there are bra brands, like CUUP, that are dedicated to empowering you, and strive to create a community so you can feel supported in every way. Look for a brand that supports what matters to you, whether that’s having an inclusive sizing system, amplifying women’s voices, or donating to breast cancer research. Once you find a brand you want to support, online shopping for your next bra will be a breeze.

About CUUP

CUUP’s collection of modern intimates supports real women’s bodies and provides everyday luxury underneath clothing. Each bra and underwear silhouette offers timeless coverage with modern design innovations. Expect pared-down styles, flexible underwires, gold patent-pending hardware, and triple hook-and-eye clasps. Each CUUP bra is designed to be what every modern woman deserves. Express yourself with sophisticated designs and define your sensuality with a CUUP bra accentuating your body’s natural form. From The Balconette to The Plunge and more, CUUP bras have inclusive sizing from A to H. You can always find intimates that look and feel amazing, whether you wear 32A, 42F, or 30C bras—or a different size entirely.

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