4 Ways to Be Sure You Choose Perfectly Fitting Bras From Now On
4 Ways to Be Sure You Choose Perfectly Fitting Bras From Now On
There’s an excellent chance you’re familiar with at least some of the consequences of a poorly fitting bra. For instance, there are consequences like breast and back pain, skin chafing and abrasions, and straps digging into your shoulders. However, wearing ill-fitting bras can also cause serious and possibly even long-term problems like headaches and bad posture. That’s why finding the perfect fit for your favorite demi or plunging bra is so crucial.

The fact that wearing an ill-fitting bra is so often really uncomfortable is reason enough to be sure you find the right fit. However, beyond the almost immediately resulting breast and back pain, chafing and abrasions, and straps digging into your shoulders, a poorly fitting bra can result in more serious and sometimes long-term health problems. In addition to neck, back, and shoulder issues, those problems include bad posture, headaches, and more. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable fitting size, in high quality materials, for a comfortable wear. A well-fitting 32F bra is your better option if that proves to fit better than a 32E.

Do Your Own Home Fitting

Along with being given an inaccurate sizing or otherwise unknowingly wearing a bra that’s close but still off by a size or two, bodies change over time. Before you buy your next bras, do a home fitting. For your band measurement, measure around your underbust with a soft measuring tape to the closest quarter inch. For bust sizing, do an overbust measurement to the nearest quarter inch. Find your cup size by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement. One equals A, 2 equals B, 3 equals C, and so on.

Follow a Bra Fit Checklist

Whether you’re trying on a gorgeous plunging bra or a chic demi, the perfect fit will feel the same—supportive and comfortable with no pinching, poking, or pulling. Run through a fit checklist to be sure:

• A perfect fit will be snug to start, maybe even snugger than you might expect. Snugness equals support.

• Remember that your band will loosen over time. Start with a snug fit on your bra’s loosest hook and move in as the band stretches.

• The band, rather than the straps, is the anchor of your bra’s support system. The straps are meant to adjust for the natural variations between your ladies’ sizes and shapes.

• Even the perfect fit may require some minor correction from time to time—adjust as necessary.

Look Into Sister Sizing

“Close but not perfect” is so often the bane of bra fitting. That’s why sister sizing can be invaluable for dialing the perfect fit. Every bra size has two sister sizes. One of them is a band size up and one cup size down from your current size. The other is one band size down and a cup size up from your current size. So, if you’re a 36C, your sister sizes are 38B and 34D.

Choose the Right Brand of Bra

There are two essential elements when you find the perfect bra fit—you and the bra. Choosing the right brand can be as important as the right sizing. Find a brand committed to accentuating real women’s natural beauty and confidence. Choose a brand with a dynamic sizing system based on the glorious diversity of real women’s bodies, particularly if they offer over 50 sizes. Finally, insist on going with a company that provides virtual fittings curated by expert fit therapists. A one-on-one virtual fitting session is invaluable for supporting your comfort and health by making your perfect fit a reality.

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