4 Unexpected Reasons to Refresh Your Bra Drawer
4 Unexpected Reasons to Refresh Your Bra Drawer
When it comes to buying bras, do you only get new ones when you absolutely have to? As an article of clothing you wear almost every day, there are plenty of reasons you may want to refresh your bra drawer or buy a new demi bra you really love. Support and comfort are two of the most important factors, but there are less than obvious reasons too.

Let’s say your current bras aren’t worn out or broken, and they still fit. What possible reasons would make you get new bras? Sometimes you don’t need obvious “signs” to give your bra drawer a refresh. As an article of clothing you likely wear nearly every day, there are plenty of reasons you may want to update your bras—support and comfort being the obvious front runners. Here are some other reasons to consider.

You Want to Give Underwires Another Chance

Bralettes and sports bras have their purpose in your bra rotation. But what about underwires? If you’ve been avoiding them because they can dig in or poke or are super uncomfortable, and you can’t wait to rip your bra off when you get home, that’s an understandable decision. If you’re willing to give underwire bras a try again, you might be surprised to find that well-made bras with flexible, lightweight underwires can be supportive and comfortable. A new take on a classic demi bra style could be just what you need as your new everyday bra. Everything evolves over time—including underwires.

You Want to Try Something Contemporary

Some thoughtful bra companies are turning the market around by designing comfortable, supportive bras for real women’s shapes. Whether you wear a 30D bra, 34B bra, or a 36H bra, you deserve a fit that’s comfortable, supportive, and makes you feel good about yourself. Modern bra brands are using premium materials and updating the look of classic silhouettes. Your bras can be considered an extension of who you are and not just something you throw on in the morning because you have to.

Because You Don’t Really Like Bras But Need Them

Some people have chosen to ditch the conventional bra life. A lot of time spent at home over the past couple of years has that effect on a person. But realistically, you are probably wearing a bra to go to the dentist or the grocery store. So, even if you aren’t overly fond of bras, you might as well have a bra you love to wear.

In other cases, women are tired of the old standard of padded or overly lacy styles that dominated the market for so long. With so many beautiful and innovative options available for modern women, you have choices beyond boring support or over-the-top frills.

Just Because

Women should feel confident about shopping for bras before they need replacing. Of course, you need new bras if the old ones have stretched-out bands and straps, gapping in the cups, or broken hardware. But what if you flip the script on how you view your intimate wear? Bras aren’t merely something you need to wear or something that’s supposed to impress someone else. Whether your taste has changed or you want to try something new, you should go for what makes you feel comfortable, happy, and empowered and buy a new bra, just because.

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