4 Reasons Leakproof Underwear Will Change Your Friday Night Period Game
4 Reasons Leakproof Underwear Will Change Your Friday Night Period Game
What does Friday night look like when you’re on your period? It should look pretty similar to any other Friday night, especially if you have reliable period care at your side. Modern period care items like leakproof underwear can help you enjoy Friday nights without worrying about checking for leaks, changing your period care item, or missing out on any of the good stuff.

It’s finally Friday, but it also happens to be the first week of your menstrual cycle. That means you’ve started your period. With the number of periods and the number of Fridays you’ll have in your lifetime, they’re bound to intersect at some point. But your period shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a Friday night, especially when you have the option to use upgraded period care like leakproof underwear. Sustainable and reliable leakproof underwear with a thin gusset ensures you don’t have to worry about a little menstrual blood.

Your Main Defense or Reinforcement

Leakproof underwear is an excellent piece of period care to have in your lineup of menstrual cycle essentials. Each style of leakproof period underwear is engineered to offer different levels of absorbency. So, depending on your flow, you’ll know what to wear to feel dry and comfortable and how long to wear it. If you don’t want to rely solely on period underwear, you can wear them as backup, for extra protection with another sustainable option like discs or a cup for period days.

No More Leak Check Interruptions

One of the worst parts of using unreliable period care is interrupting your Friday night to make sure you haven’t sprung a leak. With leakproof underwear, leaks are a thing of the past because some pairs can literally hold up to two pads worth of menstrual blood—and you still feel dry! You never have to leave the board game table, walk away from the movie, or stop your date mid-sentence for a trip to the bathroom. Period peace of mind, at last.

All-Night Leakproof Underwear Comfort

Staying dry isn’t the only way leakproof underwear keeps you comfortable. Period care brands provide different styles for anyone who has a period. Look for a brand that offers period thongs, hipsters, bikinis, and even high-waist underwear. Absorbency levels vary from style to style, so make the best choice for yourself and your flow to keep you dry all day and night.

Wear Them, Wash Them, Wear Them Again

Just like any piece of high-quality underwear, you do have to take care of your period underwear. It’s leakproof, but it’s not made of steel. After a fun-filled Friday night, rinse your underwear in cold water to help avoid staining, machine-wash them on cold in a mesh wash bag, and hang them dry to help maintain their structure and effectiveness. After they’re dry, you can wear them again. Take good care of your period underwear, and they’ll keep taking good care of you.

Friday nights are supposed to be a time to kick back and relax or have a little fun, and believe it or not, your period can actually be a part of that. Reliable period care will make all the difference. The difference between worrying about a leak and engaging in a conversation. The difference between missing your favorite part of the movie and laughing through it with your friend. The difference between feeling like your period rules you and ruling over your period. Leakproof underwear and sustainable period care are total game-changers.

About Saalt

Periods are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why Saalt does what they do. The sustainable period care brand offers period cups, leakproof underwear, and menstrual discs for anyone who has a period. To finally end panicked sprints to the bathroom, the need for sneaky sweater tricks, and sleeping on towels, Saalt fashioned menstrual cup and disc options that you can wear for up to 12 hours. There’s no waste and no bulky pads—just comfortable, sustainable, medical-grade silicone that feels like the perfect fit. Saalt also provides ample amounts of information on all things period care, brand values, and, of course, how to insert your Saalt Cup. They work their modern period magic to give period care its long-overdue upgrade.

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