3 Super-Smart Period Care Decisions
3 Super-Smart Period Care Decisions
Did you know that you actually have a lot of decisions to make regarding your period? You decide what to wear and what to do, and you also have period care choices to make. It’s not just a matter of tampons versus pads. With a reusable menstrual cup, disc, and leakproof underwear, you can make some super-smart decisions that can change the way you see your cycle.

Every time your cycle starts, you have decisions to make. Keeping your period in mind, you decide what to wear, what to eat, what kinds of plans to make, and what period care products you’ll use. Yes, you have period care options, and it’s not a matter of deciding between single-use tampons and pads. You can actually make a few super-smart period care decisions that will change how you see the first part of your cycle.

Taking a Reusable Period Care Quiz

One of the biggest decisions regarding period care involves the products you use. Period care has come a long way in the last few years. Reusable period care is becoming more popular. If you’re choosing this sustainable option over single-use tampons and pads, one of the best things to do is take a quiz that establishes which reusable period care product is right for you. Look for a period care brand with a quiz that considers your lifestyle, anatomy, and period care experiences.

Switching to a Menstrual Cup or Disc

After taking a quiz, you might decide to invest in reusable period care products like a menstrual disc or cup. These products eliminate the need for disposable tampons. They’re safe for your body and better for the environment. Think of all the tampons you won’t have to use when you switch to something like a disc or cup for period flow during your cycle. You avoid so much waste! Plus, cups and discs are actually super comfortable once you get the hang of them. Unlike a stick of cotton (or whatever tampons are made of), a period cup will form comfortably to your shape.

Investing in Leakproof Underwear

If you choose sustainable period care, you should pick up some reusable period underwear. These are designed to absorb your flow like pads—but better. With a comfortable, absorbent, and thin gusset and a variety of styles, even people who once chose pads over tampons have a sustainable option.

Grabbing Your Go-Bag Before Leaving the House

Even if you prefer a cup or disc, pick up at least two pairs of leakproof underwear for emergencies or traveling. They’re great for leaks if you’re still getting the hang of using your cup and amazingly handy if you have a surprise start date. No matter what period care product you use, make sure you have a small bag to carry your items in, like a go-bag, and always take it with you!

As someone with a period, you definitely have to make decisions people without periods don’t even think about. Yet there are quite a few choices you can make that can even change your view of your period. Choosing to prepare for your period might give you a boost of confidence. You get to avoid rushed trips to the bathroom, outfit-ruining leaks, and hiding tampons up your sleeve. Plus, switching to a reusable menstrual cup or disc and investing in leakproof underwear doesn’t just help you. It also helps the planet. Who knew deciding to upgrade your period care could feel so good?

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