Top 5 Must Upgrade Your MAGENTO 1 Store Before It Ends (2022)
Top 5 Must Upgrade Your MAGENTO 1 Store Before It Ends (2022)
Here's is top 5 reason you must upgrade your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2

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If you already own a Magento version 1 store and not yet upgraded into the Magento version 2, would recommend you must upgrade your store before Magento community stop supporting the Magento Version 1.


If you are planning to built Magento store for your E-commerce business and don’t know much about the Magento 1 (M1)& Magento 2 (M2) which would be better and which hosting providers & plans would be better and what should avoid before starting the Magento online store.

Here I’m providing you some basic idea for all your need before starting the any eCommerce store!!!

Let Me Give You Some Basic Ideas of M1 & M2.

Basically the M1 stand for all the version like 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9,, etc. all the version with the Magento 1.x.x.x are called under the version M 1 and on the other side..

M2 stands for all the version like 2.0, 2.1, 2.3, 2.5 etc and all the version with the Magento 2.x.x.x are under the version M2.

What are the Main Difference Between Magento1 & Magento2:

Magento version 2 has been released after 10 years of the Version 1, with all the great features and performance. Now version 2 are creating boom & history in the eCommerce Market places with there great performance as compare with the version 1. Now custom Functionality can be easily implemented in version 2. Moreover CMS content interface of version 2 improved a lot along with the admin menu navigation. Apart from this now the version 2 provide Full Page Caching facilities, to make the website speed faster.

Also, the detailed analysis of M1 & M2 in terms of:

1. Dashboard:

Dashboard of the Magento 2 is very attractive & very user friendly. Finding the information, accessing & managing the navigation is very easy and efficient. Apart from that it has a comprehensive dashboard, at an instance that shows the total sales, average orders, last order, revenues, Tax, Best customer etc. Which help a lot to monitor the current stats of the business at an instance.

2. Architecture:

Store performance has been improved in Magento 2 as compared to the Magento 1. It has been incorporated with the various new technologies i.e. Apache, Symfony, Latest PHP, Composer, Nginx, Full Page Caching etc. With the latest PHP versions security has improved a lot & store’s speed got faster. Minimized Java Script reduce the unnecessary browser’s operations too.

3. Extension:

Installation & updation of the new extensions has become easier. Apart from that process of installing extensions & modification of functionality it has also became easier because of the new technology implementation i.e. HTML5, CSS3, & Require.js etc.


4. Speed & Performance:

The great thing I feel best with the Magento 2 is page load speed & performance. Apart from this Magento 2 is blessed with the full-page caching in both Community as well as Enterprise Edition.

5. Pricing:

As you know the Magento community edition version is free of cost, but the enterprise edition version has different pricing:
Magento CE (Community) – Free!
Magento EE (Enterprise) – Starts at $22,000 per year.
Magento EE Cloud – Starts at $2000 per year (includes hosting)

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