How To Make Your Website Accessible?
How To Make Your Website Accessible?
Accessibility is crucial while designing a website. It not only increases your traffic but also improves the engagement rate of your website.


If you are developing a website, it is vital to ensure that the website should be utilized by all people according to the Web Design Jacksonville experts. Fortunately, accessibility is easy to enforce and if you are looking for ways to make your website accessible, here are some tips from our Website Designers.

  • ·         Make sure your site is keyboard-friendly. This is because many assistive technologies rely on the most influential keyboard navigation.
  • ·         Create content with accessibility in mind
  • ·         Add alt text to all images
  • ·         Choose your colors carefully
  • ·         Use headings to properly organize your content and choose dark shades that don't blend in with other colors. 
  • ·         Design your forms for accessibility
  • ·         Use tables only for tabular data
  • ·         Enable resizable text


Making your website accessible to as many people as viable should be a pinnacle priority and following these tips can help you do so. However, there is no purpose to exclude anybody. Additionally, an accessible website helps you increase your traffic, boost your business presence, as well improve the engagement rate on your website. Hence, experts from the Website Design Company highly recommend considering accessibility when it comes to websites.