Star Citizen Armor Guide
Star Citizen Armor Guide
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No one wants to die in a game like Star Citizen, start their journey from waking up, and waste hours of gameplay as a beginner. For that reason, Star Citizen has that amazing Armor to protect you from various blasts of grenades, bullets, and damage of various types.

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Being a versatile and massive game, it isn’t a secret that there are a lot of choices to go for. There is a mix of various combinations you can try to get that perfect look alongside protection.

Furthermore, the most spectacular thing about Star Citizen and its Armor is that NPCs treat you based on your looks. If your armor is more deadly or lethal-looking, the NPC will look as if they have a personal vendetta against you.

Well, these things do sound cool but are complex for new players. For that reason, we managed to compile a Star Citizen Armor Guide to help the newcomers know all about the Armor and where to get one.

Armor Basics Guide

Armor Types in Star Citizen

So, there are three types of Armor in Star Citizen, namely;

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

This Armor is further Split into sections that can be changed on types to give you a much better-suited armor. The sections are;





So, by combining different armors we mean, you can put the head of a Heavy Armor on a Medium Armor, as it will provide better head protection. While Heavy Armor is defensively better than all others, you will have less agility with this armor. The Light Armor, on the other hand, gives the least defense, while providing the best agility.


Amazingly, the armors in Star Citizen come with three types of characteristics you need to look out for. These characteristics are;

Storage Points


Damage Reduction


We already mentioned that Star Citizen is an unimaginably detailed game, meaning there can’t be plain Armor on your person. So, the concept is that each Armor has an Undersuit underneath that needs to be worn to wear an Armor.

This same undersuit keeps you safe from dying in Space because there is no oxygen and you are confirmed human in this game. Just keep the Helmet on and then go in space to stay alive. Furthermore, when you open the Mobiglass and select the third option from below, you will see the undersuit option giving various information.

Alongside this, you can see the Armor option as well, which gives you information on your Armor and its reading for various things.

Where to get the First Armor?

In case you don’t know where to get your first armor, it means you are new to the game. So, when you are in the New Babbage Store after waking up from bed and traveling through the train to port, you will see the CentreMass.

From there, you will see Shubin Interstellar just on the right side, which is a crappy little shop and a panel across it. You can interact with that panel, go to the Armor Section, and then you will find something to put on your character.

You do require credits to get this stuff in Star Citizen, so it is important to get the game starter with 5k aUEC. One thing to note is that every starting location comes with these locations like CentreMass where you can get the first armor. Afterward, the stuff is the same for other Armor purchasing locations.

Now that we are done with everything, let’s move to the next section of the Star Citizen Armor Guide, which is getting you the recommendation of Best Armor Picks in Star Citizen.

Best Armor Pick

Mac Flex Rucksack Light Armor - Exploration Armor


The greatest thing about Mac Flex Rucksack is that it removes the need to go back and forth while collecting the materials. This armor is the new version of Mac Flex armor and comes with a fairly large backpack, allowing you to carry the materials to a greater extent.

You can carry minerals of around 30k aUEC with you and that makes it great for exploration.


Four Consumables

12 SPU Storage

Higher Maneuverability

Two grenades

One Utility Item

20 percent reduction in damage

Two weapons

Four ammo magazines (Spare)

Where to get it?

At the Port Olisar defense location of Garrity, you can get the Mac Flex armor pieces. While the backpack can be bought from any armor place and it is one of the best beginner backpacks in the game.

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Mac Flex Light Armor - Early Game Armor


At the start of the game, you won’t be getting those dangerous types of threats, while a pistol threat is occasional. You won’t know what to do at that time and might go crazy. So, to get the protection necessary we have the best Early Game Armor as Mac Flex Light Armor.

It has low protection, but enough to keep you safe from that early game threats. While it comes with an incredible capacity to get you up and running for explorations. It is important to point out that this armor doesn’t come with a helmet, so you will need one from somewhere else.

Our suggestion for the helmet is something light and stylist like Odyssey 2 Helmet (White). Not only does it look great, but also provinces that head protection you will need at the start.


Two grenades

Three SPU Storage

Two Weapons

Four Consumables

Four Ammo Magazines (Spare)

One Utility Item

20 Percent Damage Reduction

Higher Maneuverability

Where to get it?

You can get yours from Garrity Defense Shop for Armors. The Port, however, is Port Olisar which is the starting one. The only way to get it is through the in-game credits.

Clash Medium Armor - Intimidating Armor


If you like it rough and tough, then Clash Medium Armor might be the one for you. It has that Space Pirate type of vibe going on and doesn’t come with a head protection on top. Yes, you can pair it with other Standish headsets to make a full armor.

In our consideration, the best suit is none other than Death’s Head Helmet, which matches that style and defense of armor.


Three grenades

Two SPU Storage

Three Weapons

One Utility Item

Medium Maneuverability

30 percent Reduction in Damage

Four Consumables

Six Ammo Magazines (Spare)

That deadly Look going on

How to get it?

Get back to that Port Olisar (Starting Space Station) and make a trip to the Moon of Yela. Make use of that handy Quantum Drive to reach the space station known as Grim Hex. From there go to the Shutters Armor and Weapon Shop and use the in-game credits to get this scary armor.

Dust Up Medium Armor - Combat Armor


We know the feeling of being broke at the beginning of Star Citizen after finding how expensive Armors are. But you want to take part in combat and experience some real gameplay for a period. Don’t worry, we have just the right solution for you becuase here is the Dust Up Medium Armor.

Not only is this budget friendliest option for combat, but also provides just the right type of protection you need. It isn’t like you are always ready for a fight with this armor on, rather it gives that deadly look when you need it to.


Three Grenades

Two SPU Storage

Three Weapons

Four Consumables

30 Percent Damage Reduction

One Utility Item

SIx Ammo Magazines (Spare)

Medium Maneuverability

Where to get it?

You can get this Armor from any Armor Store, but we recommend the Port Olisar to get it at the start of the game. You can use the in-game currency to get this work of art.

Citadel Heavy Armor - Heavy Combat Armor

If medium armor doesn’t inspire you to go solo in combat, maybe a heavy armor will. Here is the Citadel Heavy Armor that can be used by someone skillful in in-game combat. Whether you want to go solo into combat or with someone, this Armor will always shine. Not only this, but the look of the CItadel Armor Set is too lethal-looking

Even the NPCs will have personal negativity against you because of this Armor. Same as always, this set also doesn’t come with head protection, but our suggestion is none other than the Frontier Helmet. This helmet will limit the visibility, but that forty percent damage reduction makes up for it.


Four Grenades

Two SPU Storage

Three Weapons

One Utility

One Absolute Unity

Lower Maneuverability

40 Percent Damage Reduction

Either Ammo Magazine (Spare)

Four Consumables

Where to get it?

Yes, you can also get it from the Port Olisar, which is the origin point of every starter. Use the in-game credit to get this amazing armor.

Final Verdict

It might sound easy to find the Armor at Shubin, getting various combinations to make the perfect look and dominate in combat, but it isn’t quite simple. Just like we struggle with financing, making money, and then buying stuff slowly to make sets complete, the same thing is with Star Citizen.

When you wake up from the bed, you won’t have enough starter Credits to get you these recommended armors, rather you will have to slowly get the hang of the game, do missions and then go back to pick these, instead of other choices.

Lastly, we have here the Star Citizen Armor Guide to help you with understanding which armor is best suited for you, alongside some choices for various scenarios like combat, exploration, and so on.