Why You Need Tour Guide in Bhutan?
Why You Need Tour Guide in Bhutan?
According to one of the laws, all tourists must be accompanied by a licensed Bhutanese tour operator.

3 Reasons Why You Need Tour Guide in Bhutan?

Bhutan's government has been very deliberate in its tourist strategies since opening up to visitors in the 1960s. According to one of the laws, all tourists must be accompanied by a licenced Bhutanese tour operator.


You can have a Bhutan trip without a tour operator or a driver as of September 2022! However, there are numerous reasons why you should travel to Bhutan with an experienced tour guide.


1. Simple Navigation

Find your Way with an Experienced Tour Guide


Finding your way around Bhutan can be difficult due to the lack of single street signs on the roads. Many of Bhutan's off-the-beaten-path destinations are only accessible via long, winding dirt roads, making GPS or a map useless for locating them.



Furthermore, all roads zigzag up and down the hillsides, with few handrails and high concrete barriers. As a result, choosing the best routes and modes of transportation can be difficult for travellers.



With their customised itinerary, tour operators such as Norbu Bhutan can help you navigate a well-versed and secure route on your Bhutan trip.


2. Experience with Culture

Get an Experienced Tour Guide on Your Bhutan Trip



You may have many questions after arriving in Bhutan, such as:



  • What do the symbolic meanings of various animals mean?
  • When do we have to remove our shoes?
  • Why do we always circle the temples in the same direction?
  • Why wear a scarf formally in the dzongs?



Bhutan, in comparison to other travel destinations, focuses on the cultural experience. Bhutan has a large collection of Buddhist art and culture. Bhutan's complicated history and current geopolitical situation are also difficult to comprehend.



As a result, asking an experienced Norbu Bhutan tour guide during your Bhutan trip is an excellent way to learn. Professionals from Norbu Bhutan can also show you around the area and allow you to interact with the locals.


3. Traverse without Hassle

Plan your Travel Itinerary with Norbu Bhutan


One of the things that could prevent you from fully enjoying your amazing trip to Bhutan is the need to resolve minor issues while travelling. How do I obtain a visa? What should I do next? What modes of transportation do I have? When does the establishment open and close?



Tour operators can handle all of your needs during your trip to Bhutan, allowing you to enjoy every moment without worrying about tour planning or needs. They can help you throughout your journey and obtain the necessary entry permit for your Bhutan trip.



Furthermore, you won't have to worry about planning an itinerary because your tour operator will assign you to guides based on your preferences and interests.



Norbu Bhutan caters to all types of travellers, from discerning tourists to extended families and large groups. So, what's holding you back? Before contacting Norbu Bhutan Travel for one-stop-shop tourism to plan your perfect Bhutan trip, stay up to date on the latest travel information!