Why Spend New Year’s Eve in Australia
Why Spend New Year’s Eve in Australia
Enjoy the best of Australia on the last day of the year including Sydney NYE Cruises, Uluru adventures, Darwin expeditions and more.

If you've planned for a trip to the Land Down Under, then you might as well try visiting it during New Year’s Eve (NYE) as the weather is perfect and tons of events unfold. I was fortunate enough to be here on the last day of the year a couple of times now and trust me when I tell you this, it is the single greatest occasion I have attended. From legendary firework displays to New Year’s Eve cruises and annual festivals, it is a time when the country’s tourism really hit the high marks. Feeling excited already? Check out these top cities and attractions that showcase the best of Australian land and culture.




Sydney’s NYE fireworks look like something straight out of a high-budget animated movie. All eyes will be locked on Sydney Harbour as millions patiently wait for the clock to hit midnight for the cool fireworks display. These incredible pyrotechnics turn the night skies into an elegant canvas of radiant colours; many parties and restaurants organise events especially to watch this midnight fireworks show. One of the best ways to view them is to take to the water on an NYE cruise, which will be positioned in special exclusion zones to let you enjoy a unique perspective of the much-awaited show. These Sydney NYE cruises are also an excellent option to welcome the New Year in style as you can also indulge in an extravagant fare with some of the finest food and drinks. Some of them even offer onboard entertainment! The party lasts hours after the epic firework display so if you're looking to make merry till early morning, you can head out to the many, I mean many, NYE events that will unfold in and around the city.




To be in the midst of nature with your favourite group of people is an experience worth having on the last day of the year. Australia is often called the Urban jungle as it is the home to the ultimate union of high-tech city life and pristine natural wonders, so it only makes sense to enjoy both if you do get the chance. Darwin is a tropical city and capital of the Northern Territory, boasting a multicultural population, excellent restaurants, waterside attractions, markets  and of course, a diverse and unique wildlife. If you're keen on having a getaway from the busy city life, then there is no better option than this magical land. You can enjoy the signature attractions like swimming with crocs at Crocosaurus cove, enjoying a sunset on Mindil, or exploring the famous national parks and tropical islands. There are also many great parties and themed-events in the city including a firework show on Darwin Harbour at  midnight.




While we’re on the nature scene there is also another attraction that is embedded in my memory forever, the Uluru monolith. We had a fancy start to the New Year with Uluru adventure which is a three-day camping tour held across the heart of Australia. There are two tours, one that starts from Uluru on the 30th of December and another from Kings Canyon on the 31st. Both of them actually follow a similar itinerary, though we went on with the latter, which offered us a chance to enjoy the land by sunrise and sunset, the natural attractions of Kings Canyon, and an incredible visit to the boulders of Kata Tjuta. You will also return home with a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of the land and its surroundings along with other important knowledge about the culture, people and the Outback!