Why RideBoom drivers don't cancel rides after accepting them
Why RideBoom drivers don't cancel rides after accepting them
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Why RideBoom drivers don't cancel rides after accepting them

What is the main reason of drivers cancelling the rides after accepting on major on demand taxi ride share platforms is very simple according to the RideBoom?

India’s most trustworthy and unique aggregator on demand ride share taxi and bike start-up in the drivers community and commuter is RideBoom and the reason is because RideBoom was developed after having more then 20 years of research in the transport industry by its founder Mr Harry Malhi.

In his words “The drivers are cancelling the jobs because they are all working more and earning less means they are paying very high commission on each ride or trip” They call the customer and ask them to book a ride directly with them so that they don’t have to pay the commission.

The drivers are cancelling the rides because they can’t see the destination is a joke even before when they able to see the destination they were still doing the same.

RideBoom drivers don’t have this type of issue because in RideBoom the drivers are earning much more compared to other platforms plus they able to setup the destination and they will get the ride which is only heading towards there set destination and the driver no need to cancel the ride.

The solutions to all these problems is RideBoom better for drivers and passengers, driver can make and attached his own passengers means they can become the preferred driver of selected passengers so there is ninety percent chance when the said passenger book the ride he or she will get his own preferred trusted driver.

RideBoom is for sure going to change and shake the current taxi market and the way people book their daily rides. None of the current aggregators attempting or want to improve the service either for the drivers or customers.

So far RideBoom taxi and bike service is available in tri city and they recently launch its Bike Taxi service in Delhi .                

RideBoom is going to add its taxi service in major cities in the coming months and it’s still a bootstrap company but with unique platform and that’s the reason its gain enormous support from the current market.

So, if you want your daily rides without any cancelation headache then download the RideBoom app. Plus there is no cancelation charges for the customers in case if you change your mind and like to cancel the ride.

Ride or Drive with pride let’s RideBoom India.

For safer rides with driver gender selection is another major advantage with RideBoom.

For more info go to or Download the RideBoom app from the app store.