Why Partying is Actually Healthy for you!
Why Partying is Actually Healthy for you!
Are you a party animal? Good for you! Read further to know the benefits of partying….

Why Partying is Actually Healthy for you!

Who doesn’t like to party? Almost everyone does; though ‘introverts’ who are comfortable in their own space, are more than happy to stay away from the hustle and bustle of parties. I am one of the majority. Celebrations and parties excite me to the core. Don’t you think it spreads a positive vibe when everyone around is having a good time?


To relate to one of my own experiences, my friend hosted a Christmas party aboard one of the Christmas party cruises in Sydney. He hired the whole main deck to throw  us a party. It was quite refreshing to party with my best friends with the splendid harbour views. We roamed around the spacious decks of the vessel, took plenty of group photos and selfies, ate some amazing food and got drinks for each other. Although Christmas in Sydney is far from being called a  “white Christmas”, the joy of togetherness was something that accosted the spirit of the festival. 


The experience has left such a positive impact on me, that I’m planning to suggest the same to my boss - I’ll make sure this year’s corporate event will be aboard one of the popular Sydney Christmas party cruises. For all those wondering if  partying is really that important in life, here are a few reasons why:


Social networking increases your immunity


Did you know epidemiologists have discovered that people who have large social networks live longer? They are also less susceptible to heart disease. It is said that, compared to introverts, extroverts are less likely to fall sick. More the parties, the more opportunities to increase your immunity. If you are planning to throw a party outdoors, you can boost your body’s vitamin D supply when you spend some time in the sun. The UV rays of the sun decreases your blood pressure and promotes bone health. 


Throwing a party lightens your mood


What is the main highlight of a party? Laughing your heart out with the people around you, of course. That’s when your heart opens up and uplifts your spirits and lightens your mood. So, obviously a merry ambience that influences your mood, will in turn, nurture your mental health. Happiness is supposed to be the best medicine, right? When you are happy, the endorphins in your body boosts your immunity, metabolism, and even keeps your skin glowing and hair healthy. 


Dancing is good for your health and lungs


Most parties involve shaking a leg or two. Did you know that dancing actually increases the health of your heart and lungs, proving to be the perfect workout for everyone. Fast dancing for 30 minutes can actually burn between 180 and 230 calories. 


Partying de-stresses you


What do day-to-day responsibilities and tasks leave us with? Only two things–stress and tension. This tends to make us easily irritated and impatient. That’s when we need to release stress. Being around your loved ones, generates positivity and boosts your social life, de-stressing you in the process.


Improve your time-management skills by throwing a party


“Time and tide wait for no man,” is a popular saying. That’s why it’s necessary that you manage your time wisely and efficiently. Throwing a party teaches you how to assign responsibilities to different people and chalk out a timeline for each aspect. This in turn improves your time-management skills and makes your party a success without much hassle.


So yes, partying is healthy for you physically and mentally. But, hold on - don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean every night is party night. It's all about finding the time to celebrate life with people that make you happy — primarily because of the ‘feel-good’ factor that keeps you hale and hearty.