Which airlines are best for vegans?
Which airlines are best for vegans?
These are the airlines that are most (and least) accommodating to vegetarians, listed from best to worst according to the number of vegetarian and vegan food alternatives they provide.

While the proportion of vegetarians in the US has been the last 20 years, the variety of alternatives available to vegetarians and those who want to reduce their meat consumption has expanded dramatically. There has been a corresponding increase in the availability of vegetarian and vegan menu items on many flights. Though it may be accessible, getting a hold of it isn't always a breeze. Vegetarians, vegans, and other passengers with dietary requirements still have to go through hoops to obtain a meal that meets their diet or risk going hungry.

These days, vegans and vegetarians have no choice but to carry their food (but be aware of what you can and can't bring through airport security). Many low-cost airlines don't provide meals on trips of fewer than 2,000 miles, much less vegetarian ones. It's already a pain to figure out what different airline designations for vegetarians and vegans entail.

Reserving airline tickets

Without advanced planning, getting a vegan lunch on a flight is brutal. You may have several food options when you book a ticket directly with an airline. Meal reservations may not be available if you purchase your flight via a discount Seattle to Delhi Flights travel site like Flyus travel, as they do. Please get in touch with me 24 hours before your scheduled arrival to reserve the dinner.

Airlines often fail to fulfil passengers' requests for dietary restrictions. Especially on lengthy trips, it's a good idea to pack some extra food just in case.

France Air

Some flights throughout Europe and all transatlantic flights on Air France have vegetarian and vegan food options. This airline offers VGML, VLML, and AVML meals for vegetarians. Any meals provided throughout the flight, including breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner, will comply with your vegetarian meal order. Plus, both lunch and supper come with a drink of your choosing.

The airline operated by Delta

Delta Air Lines claims that each aircraft serving meals will have a special vegan menu accessible in all cabins. Vegans may enjoy complimentary cookies and almonds on any flight under three hours. However, a vast selection of vegan cuisine is available on long-haul flights. Vegan options predominate in the tapas snack box. Skittles, mints, and wheat thins fill the craving snack container.

Emirates airline

In honor of Veganuary 2020, most Emirates aircraft featured a special vegan buffet. Although the vegan menu was only available in hard copy during Veganuary, the airline currently provides many vegan meal alternatives.

When it comes to airline catering, Emirates consistently receives high marks. In the first class, business class, and economy flights, passengers may choose VGML, VLML, and AVML meal selections. Whether vegan or vegetarian, you'll love their creative takes on plant-based eating. Vegans may enjoy spinach lasagna and a wild fruit compote, for instance. Or something more substantial like a tiny Middle Eastern meal like hummus, falafel, or baba ganoush.

Airways of Qatar

If you're flying Qatar Airways, you're in for great in-flight meals. Your taste buds and senses will be delighted by the in-flight meals. Vegetarians and vegans may choose from options like the Vegetarian Oriental Meal (VOML), which can consist of a salad of various vegetables, a Moroccan tagine, and fruit cake for dessert. Eggplant, meatballs, pasta, and broccoli on the side are also a possibility. You can find details on their vegan options under the "special meals" section, where they also offer their vegetarian options. On certain flights, you may enjoy the airline's fabulous Indian cuisine.

In October, Qatar Airways announced that all business class customers flying out of Doha and those flying into Doha would have access to a new à la carte menu, including gourmet vegan cuisine. Smoked mountable cauliflower couscous with kalamata bruschetta, an omelette made with chickpea flour, can now find plenty more on their extensive vegan menu. Qatar Airways was already ahead of the curve by providing its famous Arabic Mezzeh—a selection of Arabic bread, hummus, tabouleh, and muhammara—on all of their flights.


After introducing a vegan menu on both international and domestic flights, Australian airline Jetstar received widespread praise as the most vegan-friendly option. Meals are not included in Jetstar's fares and may be purchased in advance or on board the plane. After this change, PETA recognized Jetstar as Australia's most vegan-friendly airline.


Cathay Pacific, a major Hong Kong-based airline, has started offering vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives. The company has announced that its planes would offer Omnipork, a vegan minced pork alternative made from non-GMO soy, pea protein, shiitake mushrooms, and rice. Vegan meals as "special meals," meaning they need previous notice and booking.

In the Hong Kong Pier First Class Lounge, Cathay Pacific has been serving Beyond Burgers since 2018. Some airlines have even included vegan onboard meals like OmniPork Bolognese with Garganelli Pasta and Beyond Burgers. Cathay Pacific plans to continue experimenting with OmniPork meals as part of its effort to develop innovative in-flight menu options.

Airways, British

Vegetarian and vegan passengers on British Airways may choose from various delicious meals and snacks, including a fresh fruit dessert. Can they have some sides to that? Yes, as long as you choose an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage to go with it. Vegan meals may be ordered in advance from the airline between 24 hours and 30 days before Seattle to Bangalore Flights travel.


Etihad offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options for passengers. On their website, they label which dishes include animal by-products and which do not; however they label all vegan meals as vegetarian.

The Vegan Society claims that Etihad Airways offers any airline's most satisfying vegan options. It is because there is always at least one vegetarian option on their menu. Consequently, you needn't ask for it. The vegan lunch can include saffron-flavored rice and green beans in an Indian sauce, a side salad, and fresh fruit.

After learning about each airline's services, a few more details should be kept in mind. You should expect to see a notice on airline websites stating that special meals are on the vast majority of flights. You should also be aware that food has a noticeably distinct flavor at an altitude of 20,000 feet. Low relative humidity, increased cabin pressure, and higher elevation contributes to a different flavor profile.

They are proud to be the national carrier of the United Kingdom.

In case you were wondering, British Airways has a vegan menu that you can order ahead of time. Please note that you need a "vegan" option when making a reservation. If you forget to read the fine print on their website, you may end up eating something that contains dairy. The lack of vegan food choices on certain British Airways flights is a company's drawback.

The American Airlines

In response to rising customer demand, American Airlines has updated its menu to offer vegan alternatives. Since then, they have extended their specialized menu to include vegan options on all their international and long-haul domestic flights.

Singapore Airlines

They have flown with Singapore Airlines several times and can attest that their vegan meals are consistently delicious and impressive. It's a vegan twist on classic Western and Asian cuisine. Before the main course, you may choose from vegan appetizers. Vegans may look forward to ordering a meal in advance and discovering some exciting and tasty options on board.