Where to Spend New Year’s Eve 2022 in Australia
Where to Spend New Year’s Eve 2022 in Australia
NYE cruises in Sydney are among the top activities to enjoy on New Year’s Eve along with other events in Perth, Hobart, and much more.


New Year is a festival celebrated across the world with high-spirits and positivity and usually the most anticipated events on the planet. It is the time of the year when people stop and reflect on what they have achieved and about the mistakes they may have made and to resolve to do better for the upcoming year. Everyone looks forward to celebrating this special occasion with great enthusiasm, especially in Australia where locals and tourists traverse across the nation to various places to witness the fireworks and other events. Here are a few top places which are sure to make your time memorable!




Sydney is number one on this list and is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve. With the number of events and celebrations throughout its vast coastline, millions flock to the city, the harbour being the highlight of the evening. Thousands swarm the harbour every year to watch the iconic fireworks and the ideal way you can watch it is on the New Year’s Eve cruises. Marvel at the extravagant fireworks from the outer decks of these cruises as you gently glide past the harbour landmarks including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own vessel from the vast array of vessels including the unique paddlewheeler, a premium glass boat and an Australian-built catamaran! There’s no better way to make your celebration grander than on the NYE cruises in Sydney where you can enjoy a delicious range of food and drinks with the illuminated city skyline as backdrop. Oh and don’t forget to click those awesome snaps for your instagram story! Book now!




The proud capital of the Tasmanian state of Australia, Hobart, hosts the famous Tasmanian festival which spans over the course of December-January. Here, New Year not only presents the beginning of a new calendar year, but also marks the celebration of the excellent-quality local produce, cider, wine and beer. Visitors can indulge in this festival which portrays Aussie food traditions which offers freshly prepared premium cheese, pear cider, local sea urchins and pinot noir, until the mid-day of 31st December every year. These are best enjoyed in the evenings but only the ticket holders can access the festival by then.




The capital of Australia is one of the major tourist destinations where one can indulge in a lot of engaging experiences such as visiting the political hubs, museums, galleries, air ballooning and much more. Most of the celebrations and events of Canberra take place at the Civic Square in the city centre. The flamboyant firework display that goes off at 9pm and midnight is one of the hottest attractions here and this impressive show can be witnessed from many vantages throughout the city. You may also come across numerous talented musicians and other sde acts who channel their artistic excellence which results in melodic tunes and other arts. To engage in some of the most exciting parties of the evening you can head to the Garema Place which is the heart of the city centre.




Perth’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are nothing short of spectacular and it would be a shame to miss it. If you wish to indulge in some awe-inspiring events in Perth, head to the Northbridge suburb where a wide range of New Year festivals are being organised. They start off as early as 6pm so it is advised that you visit here early. Entertainment is galore in this region–get to know the talented street performers, take part in craft creating activities, enjoy animated movies and a lot more! For live music concerts you can head to east Perth, where an incredible lineup of musicians are waiting to put on a show!