Ways to Express Your Love For Your Partner
Ways to Express Your Love For Your Partner
Is your relationship on the rocks? Here are a few ways to express your love to your partner and make it strong.

Ways to Express Your Love For Your Partner

I have been in a beautiful relationship for 5 years and to be honest, it was far from perfect. We have always had our shares of ups and downs. So what kept it going? We managed to find innovative ways to express our love to each other. It's a wonderful feeling to fall in love, nevertheless when you take things forward, you have to do a lot to keep that relationship steady. Oh yes! It’s a huge responsibility, but all you sincere lovebirds out there should certainly not brood over that fact. 

Today, we live in a generation where stable relationships are a rarity. People don’t even take the effort to mend their relations even if they can be solved quite easily. Sometimes it just takes a few ways to express your love for your partner to make things normal. So here are some that have been effective from my experience:-


Spend quality time with each other


How would you feel when someone says they want to spend some quality time with you? Special and important right? That’s exactly how you should make your partner feel. The most important thing is to make ample efforts to be with your partner. Set up a romantic date night outside, or plan a cosy evening indoors. Out of all the date nights I have had with my better half, my favourite is the one on which he took me on a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour. The total ambience created a mesmerising romantic experience for me. The crux of the matter is wherever the place is, you just need to enjoy every single moment with your partner. Even today, a day cruise on Sydney Harbour takes me back to the wonderful memories we made as a couple. 


Small gestures go a long way!


When my husband was my boyfriend, he used to shower me with gifts and flowers. My favourite was a mixtape he had made of my favourite playlist on my birthday. After our marriage, as time passed, all those sweet gestures disappeared, though I continued gifting him on our special days. He conveniently forgot my birthday and our anniversaries, reminding him too had no special impact. I slowly felt like I was being taken for granted. This was the lowest phase of our relationship. One day we had a very bad argument and didn’t speak to each other for days. While I was preparing dinner one day, he surprisingly gave me a helping hand with a sheepish smile. That itself brought a smile to my face. Nothing more was needed and we made up instantly. That’s all it takes, small gestures in any form make a big difference to strengthen bonds. 


Your words can do wonders 


Words that come from your mouth are not just mere words, they can mend or break a person’s heart. There was a time when I was really so worked up and discouraged about the piled up work at my office that I just wanted to leave everything and flee away. My better half who also faced the same crisis came as my sole solace. Just the touch of his palms over mine and saying, “Relax, everything will be alright. You are good at what you do, so do the best you can, the rest will fall into place” was enough for me to keep calm. His words of encouragement projected the feeling that I was not alone and that was what I needed at that time. Your words in the form of compliments, affection, praise and encouragement really instils positivity in your partner. 


Acts of Intimacy


Ok, you can make your relationship steady with words, gestures and dates with your partner but they also need a bit more. The feeling when my better half holds my hand while we go on occasional walks is beyond beautiful. For me, that simple touch indicates warmth and affection. Don’t you feel loved and cared for when someone hugs, kisses or holds your hands? When you don’t bother to do this, that’s when you neglect your partner and your relationship suffers. 


If you look at it, these are very small and simple ways to strengthen and lengthen your relationship. So, don’t keep those emotions within, express them and make your partner feel loved.