Unique Work Party Alternatives in Sydney 2022
Unique Work Party Alternatives in Sydney 2022
Are you on the hunt to make that upcoming corporate party extra special? Then check these unique ideas in Sydney.

Time and time we face the trouble of coming up with the perfect work party that has everybody talking for weeks and the boss falling head over heels with your creative capabilities. A great corporate party is far more than the usual team-building day and it is certainly not just necking down gallons of grog in the quickest time possible. If everything falls into place it can boost team morale, nurture team relationships and even increase sales for your clients. So, if you're looking to celebrate the season with a little more creativity and class, check out these alternatives.


The never-failing Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney 


Sydney is brimming with possibilities but if you're after a venue that is both classy and casual at the same time, which can accommodate your staff and clients comfortably, then your choice is clear.  A catamaran cruise through the high waters of Sydney Harbour and along the popular harbourfront attractions like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Luna Park, will have the whole group feeling like they're living out a movie. Having a fully-licensed bar and exceptional food to go with it, makes it nothing like you’ve done before. With expansive outer decks and multiple levels, your guests can share memorable moments in an ambient and comfy setting, raising a toast and dining together, right by Sydney’s legendary skyline. Anything would be more iconic if you take to the waters, so don’t even think twice, book the top work Christmas party cruises in Sydney now!


Add a touch of ‘everything’ or ‘anything’


Building an event under the foundation of a theme is a great way to be creative. Even the most serious business executives would like an opportunity to regress to their younger days.  Head out to a trampoline mark or a circus avenue and give them a chance to jumbo around on a bouncy castle, practise tricks or learn circus skills. This is a great pick for an outdoor event and you can incorporate as many games as you’d like. If this sounds like a reach, you can start out simple by just combining all the best traditions of the holiday season. Go to an ice-skating rink together, eat hot chocolate, make cookies, play a game of Twister - the options are unlimited if you look at the right place.


Battle it out


Ninja roll your way into a fun night out. In this ultimate test of stealth and agility, every person is for themselves. Laser Skirmish is an easy way to get the whole team for an awesome time out - bask in the glory of whipping your teammates and laugh menacingly at the weak links. It’s a must-do for anyone looking for something extra or more than the usual work party shindigs. This old-school round of Laser Skirmish will send you back in time where you will be clashing against your buddies and shooting at them with harmless infra-red beams. It’s a tactical game that will bring out strategizing, concentration, patience and perseverance and risk-taking skills out of your group. It may start out gently but once you don your camo and split into teams, it’ll be game on.




The advantage of unique event ideas is that they can work brilliantly if pulled off right and they can be flexible and adaptable to your preferences. Other than the ones mentioned above there are a huge range of options to choose from like masterclasses, sports parties, silent discos, street markets - all can work effectively depending on your team’s likings. Asking them about their likings like doing a poll beforehand is a great way to ‘failproof’ your party. Thinking uniquely is important to stand out in today’s landscape, so go all out and make your next event a memorable one.