Ultimate Bucks Party Activities in Sydney Now
Ultimate Bucks Party Activities in Sydney Now
Looking for unique bucks party ideas in Sydney? Check out these unique experiences that will surely impress you and the boys.


Ah the age-old tradition, the Bucks party. The time when your ragtag bunch of friends get together before you tie the knot and cause hysteria with the absolute best of dude food, free-flowing drinks and funky entertainment. You simply can’t say “I do” without having an epic party with the boys and so it happens, there’s a metric tonne of ideas to organise a memorable occasion in the Emerald City. From classy Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney to wild shindigs at the city’s hottest night clubs, here are some awesome bucks party ideas that won’t be the usual ‘cold one with the boys’.


Start out classy


Don your slickest suits and ties and bust out your coolest kicks because there’s a boat party on Sydney Harbour. No, it ain’t like that time you and the boys rented out a dinghy on the river. Your cruise along the calm waterways of the harbour will feel as though you're floating your way through Monaco or Paris - it is your ultimate chance to kick back with your mates and stand on the outer decks with a drink in your hand like the true VIP that you are. A fully licensed bar, freshly-prepared gourmet food, expansive outer decks for views, ambient interiors - it’s gonna be nothing short of spectacular. While cruising under the Harbour Bridge and soaking up the views of the Opera House, Fort Denison and Luna Park, you’ll feel a million miles away from the bustling city centre. So if you're looking for something classy, Sydney Christmas cruises is your answer.


The never-ending duo


Men and sports, name a better combo! How about an Indoor Bubble Soccer? It's gonna be the most fun you’ve had with an inflatable (no offence). Wear squishy, inflatable bubble suits and play football with no rules! That’s right! No fouls, no red cards, no offsides or penalties, and what’s better, you can throw those tactics out the window. On this pitch, staying on your feet is an achievement in itself! It’s all about plummeting onto each other, bouncing, rolling and getting rough, while trying to score or defend a goal! This one is sure to kick off your bucks party!


Kicking it into the highest gear


How about a new idea for an old tradition? Throw the buck out of a plane! No literally! Strap on and take your buck to skydive over one of the most glorious skylines in the world - Sydney. You won’t find a more high-adrenaline activity than skydiving! Go with your mate high up in the air, watch him hold his breath for the biggest leap of his life (besides the wedding) and take that crazy jump! He might be cursing and screaming names at you at the time but he’ll definitely thank you once everything is over. Once you overcome the scary part, you’ll be able to enjoy the mesmerising part of the dive -  enjoying exquisite views of the city skyline as you gracefully float down back to land.

Pro tip: Hold back on the cold ones, the beers will taste much better afterwards.


Wild N’ Out


Every buck needs a wild and unique night out and Sydney is undoubtedly  the best city to live out your wildest imagination! There are innumerable venues to host your party, but few can rival the sheer epicness of Home, the venue. This massive club has several expansive floor spaces, so there is plenty of room for dudes who think they can dance like Michael Jackson. There are also private areas for a more secluded ambience, where you can sit back, relax and quietly enjoy your drinks, as you watch the ladies dance on the floor. Whether you include the signature strippers or not, or go down the The Hangover route, is ultimately up to you, so plan out everything beforehand and send your mate off with the best party ever!