Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in Sydney
Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in Sydney
From keeping a track of your expenses to travelling lightly, here are some travel tips that may come in handy.


Sydney is a majestic city with no shortage of attractions, be it natural or man-made. Having spent more than five years travelling around the world, let alone Sydney-my birthplace, I figured it time to put together some of my top travel tips. But before I get to it, I’d like to mention an incident that happened to me recently. 


Last week, I was aboard one of the dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour, a wonderful and quite accessible experience for both locals and tourists. And on this trip, I came across a bunch of tourists who came aboard with more than just a few backpacks. I could tell from the way they held onto their boarding passes and backpacks with a dubious look on their faces that they weren’t Sydneysiders. And, of course, they didn’t know the city’s habits and customs. To talk about Sydney dinner cruises, they’ve played a great part while I grew up. As much as it is a place of retreat for the visitors as well as the locals, these boats are also the epitome of the city’s glamorous ways of living. Bringing your bags and baggage on board is generally discouraged. The reason I mention this is, I felt these passengers were misinformed to some extent that they had to carry their bags on board when they could’ve easily avoided it. So, at this thought, I approached one of them to chat up. They were from Italy and it had just been 17 hours since they reached here. Some ten minutes into talking with them, I figured that some level of insecurity had crept into their minds about taking care of their belongings. And here folks, is where I take my cue. Read along and find out some useful travel tips you’ll thank me for later. 


Book your vacation time well in advance before you leave


Unplanned trips are great, but I wouldn’t agree for my life that an unplanned long-term vacation may work in your favour. From acquiring a specific visa to deciding how much you’re willing to spend on the trip are important factors to be considered. So, make sure you sit down and make a note of things you should prepare before you board the flight/train/bus/cruise. 


Don’t bring extra pairs of clothing


When I say extra, it’s extra to the extra pair of clothing you intend on stuffing into your bag. Travelling light is an inevitable choice for everyone who wishes to roam around freely without having to care much for their belongings.  For instance, I used to be one of those people who’d carry at least four pairs of footwear on a trip. But later, I realised it was way too much. I now carry two. Also, another big-time lesson was packing a small towel instead of a big one. For all those days you’re chasing the waves or by the waterfalls, a lightweight and fast-drying towel would be best. 


Eat Local 


One of Sydney’s most distinct features is its multiculturalism. And for this same reason, the food culture here is quite diverse and worth exploring. However, Sydney is known for its amazing Asian cuisines. Explore the local delis, cafes and restaurants in the area, instead of the luxury or multi-hatted restaurants in the area, as they may cost you a fortune. Sydney generally has a higher cost of living compared to other metropolitan cities across the globe, and it might help you to spend less if you decide to eat like a local. 


There’s plenty more tips that I can give, but these are some of the basic things you should take note of, especially if you’re looking at budget-friendly options. Have a great vacation y’all!