Top Experience Gifts in Sydney 2022
Top Experience Gifts in Sydney 2022
Can’t find the perfect gift to give your loved one? Check out these awesome experience gifts in Sydney to show them how much you mean to them!

Top Experience Gifts in Sydney 2022

Let’s face it, coming up with something to give as a present is not easy, especially if it’s someone who has it all! Experience gifts are more meaningful, selective, much more impactful and most importantly, do not end up lost in the top shelf. Sydney is one of the most coveted tourist spots on the planet, brimming with numerous natural and man-made attractions; this makes it the perfect setting to gift some of the best experiences.


Gift a cruise 


Starting this list off with the best experience gift I have come across in Sydney, the New Year’s Eve cruises on the harbour. Sydney is known to be a hotspot for New Year celebrations and what better way to impress your friend or family than to give them a chance to be in the midst of it! The midnight fireworks display is pretty famous across the globe and millions of revellers flock the harbour every year to catch sight of this extravagant spectacle. The Sydney NYE Cruises will offer exclusive views of this special fireworks show, and the perfect setting to create unforgettable memories! We’re not even close to the end! You’ll get to indulge in a premium dining experience with deluxe dishes and tasty drinks! And with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and more serving as backdrops, you can enjoy plenty of photo ops as well! Book today!


A chance to get pampered 


How about something that will rejuvenate and revitalise you. Gift someone with a massage or a pilates lesson. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting pampered and that’s exactly what this experience is all about. An expert masseuse or therapist will assess and treat your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and before you know it you’ll be restored to your normal state. On the other hand, a pilates lesson is ideal for those looking to better themselves physically and mentally. Under expert instructions you will get fitter, healthier and stronger with rhythmic, muscle-burning, and sculpting reformer pilates. Choose your gift depending on the recipient and their preferences.


Glass sculpting lessons!


Learning a new skill is an important creative process. In this unique experience which involves planning and improvisation, you will be using both the left and right parts of the brain. Discover the ultimate sculpting skill; blowing and sculpting glass in the flame! This two-hour session runs daily and involves an oxygen-propane torch, clear borosilicate glass rods and tubes along with techniques such as sculpting, blowing, colour mixing, stretching and joining. You get to create at least one glass object which could be anything from glass animals, pendants or other abstract manifestations, and you can take them home to your friends and family after the class as well! So next time you plan on gifting something remember this awesome glass-blowing class and give them a chance to discover a new skill!


Ultimate experience gift


We all know that person or a couple who are impossible to buy presents for! A gift experience can tackle this and maybe even help check out a bucket-list activity. Give them the ultimate high-adrenaline experience as a gift; tandem skydiving in Wollongong! The insane thrill of freefalling from a whopping 15,000 feet above the ground is hard to top! You will be connected to a professional skydiver, all you have to do is man up and have the courage to jump off a plane! Feel every second of anticipation as the instructor counts down for the jump, before freefalling to the Earth at approximately 200 km/h for 60 seconds! Your mate won’t forget this anytime soon!